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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Wow im back

ok guys
it feels like forever but im back
where did i go?
i never went anywhere
sadly just lost inspiration
but i think its back now
im trying to get the blog up and running
so im will be posting a weekly video blog on here
should be thursdays
ive also set up a youtube channel for my poems songs and video blogs
which can be found at

so i thought id end today with a new poem
one i wrote when i was trying to get back in the groove
i had no inspiration at the time
so i thought id write about having no inspiration

lost for words
by sean gould

so it seems im lost for words
people i know may find this absurd
as im never short of things to say
but my poetic abillities have just gone away

gone are the days id just sit and write
about all my dreams and day to day shite
about my love life or maybe the lack
ive ran out of ideas ive just lost the knack

now i cant seem to take the time
to put down my thoughts in words that rhyme
no little stories or rhyming verse
this writers block just seems to get worse

so im sat here with a paper and pen
trying to recapture the magic again
but its hard to think of a theme
as nothing ever happens and ive forgotten all my dreams

looking for a subject i cant seem to find
trying to salvage the thoughts in my mind
pick a subject and try to carry on
so ive decided to write about the time my inspiration was gone

written 18th january 2009


Bob theBlack Country Brummie said...

nice one Sean good to have you back. I know what you mean about the poetry block. I'm writng loads but very litle peotry. Plenty on the bog though and short stories.I've got a couple for next poetry meet.

sean gould said...

cant wait bob

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

about time you posted something you laxy geek

sean gould said...

wow bob great minds think a like
im gonna get somthing up here hopefully today

Bob The Blacak Country Brummie said...

well I guess this blog is a gonna eh.