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Thursday, 24 December 2009

a christmas tradition

it christmas eve
and every christmas eve me and my cousin have a little tradition
we get together and watch muppets christmas carol
even though we are both men in our late 20s/early 30s
however this year its special and theres a third person joining us my cousins six month old baby boy
i look forward to this movie every year
heres a song from it


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

merry christmas from the romantic geek

its christmas
by sean gould

the birth of christ over two thousand years since
and we celebrate with pies of mince
we embrace each december with so much joy
and a sack full of goodies for every girl and boy
delivered by santa with cheeks red and bright
with his sleigh and reindeer he flies through the night

wake up christmas morning postively glowing
and look out the window to see if its snowing
then open up gifts from family and friends
some that you like and some you just pretend
family drop in throughout the day
laugh over drinks and party games you play

sit with at the table and tuck into a feast
stuffing your face like a savage beast
then you eat a pudding or four
then gauge on chocolates when you dont need anymore
can barely move because you are so well fed
so you sit watching telly until its time for bed

you think about christmas and it fill you with pride
the time of year that warms you up inside
you want the season to last forever
bringing both friends and strangers together
so i end this with a message of cheer
i wish you a great christmas and a happy new year

written 16th december 2009

Sunday, 20 December 2009

a momentus day for music

this is kind of a double blog
on this fine momentus day
music is the topic
mr cowell is crying into cheque book

this proves what the word of mouth can do
simon and is puppets have lost
music is the winner
what are we gonna get to the top spot next year?
may i suggest bat out of hell by meat loaf
it may just happen



its time

ladies and gentlemen

i give you

my christmas song

Friday, 18 December 2009

to get you in the mood

in just 2 days i will unveiling my christmas song
so to get us in the mood
heres the greatest christmas song ever written

Thursday, 17 December 2009


bit of an anouncement
first there was wizzard
then cliff richard
now its my turn
oh yes
ive recorded a christmas song
and it will be unveiled on this blog on sunday 20th december

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

better late than never

u wouldnt believe the trouble ive had putting todays blog together
my webcam ssem to only record sound acompanied by music
just me talking acapello isnt recording
does anyone have any ideas as to why?
on to the video
this is a parody of metallica the day that never comes
ladies and gentlemen i give u the bus that never comes

if u like my videos i got a special announcement in a day or two

Monday, 14 December 2009

shutterspeed (the death of a generation)

i thought id post another post another piece of writing that i wrote last summer
i suppose its about me pining for my lost childhood

(the death of a generation)
by sean gould

castle greyskull has closed down
its doors are locked forever
he mans not around anymore
he hasnt be here for years
hes not here to protect it
i cant protect it
the batteries in my thundercats sword ran out years ago
and lion-o is nowhere to be seen
things are so different now
gone are the days i would sit there with baited breath waiting to see if skeletor or mummra were going to get what was coming to them
but now im stood on the back of a lorry watching some driver complaning that some dickhead as spilled his load
where did the years go?
whatever happened to that little seven year old i once was?
im now old enough to have a seven year old myself
but i havent
instead im stood on the back of some lorry in some factory
then i go home to an empty flat
rent payed by my basic wage
this wasnt how i dreamt it when i was a boy
i wanted to grow up a hero
we all did
but we never do
i had dreams of being superman
until i saw that woman turn into a robot on superman 3
that scene still terrifies me to this day
and ive never found my lois lane
well maybe i did
but im just not her superman
but she is just like me
the carebears and my little pony deserted her many years ago
she has long since given up waiting for dogtanian and the muskerhounds to rescue her
she like me is also a slave to the grind
disillusioned with adult life
now realising that the fairtales her mom once read her arent true
theres no narnia at the back of the wardrobe
just cobwebs and a shirt that hasnt fit for three years
we both occaisionally meet up in some over priced coffee shop talking about chidhood memories
laughing about zippy george and bungle or sooty sweep and su
saying how life isnt the same as it was when we were kids
but of course its not
we are no longer kids
we are no longer those bleery eyed kids who used to come home after an eventfull day at school to a meal that was cooked properly not these burgers that cook in the microwave that break neck spped that the kids eat today
then we sat infront of the telly watching ed the duck in the broom cupboard
but nowadays its different
get home after a stressfull yet day at work not bothered to cook anything so throw some god awful ready meal into the microwave or maybe order some greasey undercooked takeaway
no broom cupboard on tve just news
news of credit crunch swine flu the war on terror and the death of micheal jackson
oh the death of micheal jackson
theres another piece of my childhood gone forever
even though i must admit over the last few years i have been one of his harshest critics
but i seemed to forget when i was six or seven i totally idolised the man
i used to moonwalk until my little hearts content
i knew all of his songs word for word
but i traded my micheal jackson tapes in for metallica cds years ago
i guess i just out grew them
im not the boy i used to be
im now a man
thats hard to take in at times
im now living in the big world
in my one bedroom flat
a flat which is decorated with statues of daleks and cybermen
and thundercats boxsets line the shelves
i myself walk aroud proudly waering a transformers t-shirt
am i nostalgic for the old times?
or do i just simply refuse to grow up?

written 19th july 2009

Saturday, 12 December 2009

what a night

im feeling a little worse for wear today
but it was well worth it
i went to see tragedy the metal tribute to the bee gees
in one word AWSOME
i even got on stage and danced toppless(unfornatley i dont have pics or vids of this but working on it)
they gave me a towel (which i got signed after the show) and a drum stick
heres a few pictures

Friday, 11 December 2009

out tonight but will i dance?

its friday
thank god
and tonight im out for a change
im off into brum to see a great band
a band that always bring out the devil in me
people who know will know im shy and retiring (yeah right)
but when i this band come on i cant help but embrace my wildside
even my t-shirt goes flying
the band are called tragedy a metal tribute to the bee gees
the world must hear this band
they are awsome
here they are

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

been in the workshop

this past saturday i attended an event in wednesbury called creative community
i took part in a writers workshop
i was taught a great new way of writing
what happened was one person was given a picture
the other person couldnt see that picture
then the other person would give five descriptions for the other to write down

my five were

glazes tiles
guilt lettering
borded up

then we had to write two sentances on each description inter linking them to the next one

and when that was finished we had to read them over and keep adding to it until we had a complete piece of work

so here is my finished article

by sean gould

no pennies down the back of the old sofa that had been thrown out onto the cold wet street
nothing more than a mouldy custard cream and the batteries to the tv remote
but the tv is no longer there just a smashed old record player that has not been played since buddy holly realeased his last single
a few old glazed tiles have dropped on to the sofa all cracked chipped and broken
long past their best
just like that guilt lettering on the pub across the pub across the road
it has now lost the shine of its former glory now caked in dust and dirt and the residue from the exhaust fumes from passing cars
but its been a long time since any car has driven down this road
the pub itself is boarded up
the last pint was served here years ago
gone are the days when it was the place to be
packed to the rafters on a friday night
full of laughing people smoking and talking over the noise of the juke box whilst people play pool and a crowd gather to watch a big darts game
but now the place is deserted no one there except the odd stray cat and a family of rats
the jukebox lies on its side all smashed up all the record have gone except for one bannanarama single that has been skimmed across the room
but the dartboard still remains
there are no darts though
the lamp floats infront of the dartboard dangling from an electrical cable
but the power was cut some time ago
the surrouding area is a mass of grey
the fields are no longer the lavish green they once were
the grass has been replaced by concrete and rubble
a place where children played football and where people walked their dogs has now become a building site soon to be the location of luxuary apartments
home to a new generation of families
is this progress?
or will history repeat itself?

written 5th december 2009

Monday, 7 December 2009

for a special lady

lately ive deveploped a bit of school boy crush
every evening i sit there waiting for the local weather
just get my daily look at weather girl the beautiful lucy kite
infact she inspired me to write a poem

an ode to the mind blower from the met office
by sean gould

heres to you dear lucy kite
the girl who makes the weather bright
providing me with daily delight
talking of celsius and farenheit

i trully am you biggest fan
nobody does the weather like you can
with your shiny hair and slight tan
how i crave to be your man

every evening you make my heartrate rise
just by looking into your eyes
and the little way you waggle your thighs
but would you go for a man of my size?

at six twenty you look so well
with the forecast that you tell
even if its a frozen hell
you give my heart a sunny spell

your the best part of the central news show
i watch five nights in a row
i feel sad everytime you go
but dont ask me the weather cos i dont know

written 30th november 2009

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

my proudest moment as a poet

heres somthing that happened in july
somthing that made me quite proud
im a huge fan of the band the wildhearts
and their singer ginger is somewhat of a hero to me
and i was lucky enough to meet him in may
and to my suprise he was such a nice bloke
so then i was inspired to write a poem dedicated to him
i wrote a poem consisting of references to his songs
then in july we had went to see him perform live in birmingham
so i took a copy of the poem and was planning to throw it on stage or somthin
but just before the show i saw my mate buck talking to a roadie
then during the show the said roadie picked me out of the crowd
next thing i know i was on stage stange next to my hero
reading the poem
he seemed to lik it
i was so proud of myself
i must admit i was a little emotional aferwards

here is the video of my reading

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

as its the first of december...


my new star wars advent calender tell me that today is the first of december

and i see lots of christmas trees and lights starting to appear

so i turned on my radio and i heard the years first christmas song (not my favorate thbough ill post about that at a later date)

so i thought i post the first christmas song i heard this year to get us all in the mood