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Saturday, 27 February 2010

ESSENTIAL DOCTOR WHO: an unearthly child

as a few of you know im a huge doctor who fan
so i thought it was only right to do a series focusing on classic doctor who storie
so i thought it was only fitting for the first story for me to cover would be the very first every story
an unearthly child
originally aired between 23rd november and 14th december 1963
starring william hartnell as the first doctor carol ann ford as susan william russell as ian and jaquiline hill as barbara

PART ONE an unearthly child

the first ever scene on doctor who a bobby on the beat outside foremans scrapyard
he goes inside
sees the tardis (complete with st johns ambulance sticker thats gonna be used in the forthcoming series)
next we see barbara and ian discussing the strange talents of susan foreman (cole hill school seen again in school reunion)
they are baffeled by her
and the fact that her home dosnt seem 2 exist
then we meet susan aged 15 (looks at least 30 may even be older as shes a timelord:) )
in my opinion shes an oddball:)
then we see barbara ans ian in a car watching out side the scrapyard hoping to solve the mystery of susan
then susan appears
then goes into the yard
they decided to follow her in
they enter the yard but susan in nowhere to be seen
the stumble across a police box
and feel a vibration
he states its alive (well dur)
they hear coughing
then we see the doctor for the first time
they ask him about susan
but gives them a complete cold front
ian wants to look in the tardis
but the doctor is quite nasty
they think hes got susan locked up in the police box
the doctor tells them susan
susan apears
barbara runs inside the tardis
they both end up inside
shocked by what they see
its bigger on the inside
explains that is a t.a.r.d.i.s
time and relative dimension in space (she said she made the name out of the initials herself but in time all timelords such as the matster and the rani call their tranport a tardis so how did she make it up?)
ian cant believe that it moves in time of space
then they find out that doctor and susan are aliens
the doctor refuses to let them go
barbera and ian think its all lies
susan say shes from the 49th centuary
barbara and ian try to escape
but its locked
ian points out that he saw the doctor press a button so he goes to the consol but gets a shock
the doctor doesnt let them go
he he fires up the tardis
ian tries to stop him
but they are already traveling
ian and barbara are unconcious
then we see the tardis out side in a deserted wasteland
there is a shadow watching them
the episode ends

PART TWO the cave of skulls

the episode opens where it left of
with the tardis being watched by a shadow
the shadow is revealed to be a cave man
the next scene shows a tribe of cavemen trying to make fire one called za is trying hard
no luck
but his mother seems ro be against it
he still tries
there is talk of the tribe not want za as leader anymore but but someone called cal instead
then we see the tardis again
inside we see barbara and ian coming round from their daze
and realise they are no longer in 1963
ian doesnt belive it
the doctor say they went back in time
ian is shocked that barbara believes them
the doctor opens the door
ian and barbara cant belive their eyes
they step outside the tardis
the doctor is highly disturbed the tardis hasnt changed and its still a police box (im guessing that could be a fault with the chameilion circuit ;) )
the doctor is potering about and the caveman watches him
susan explain the tardis normally changes it appearance
the doctor lights up his pipe and is then attacked by the cave man
barbara susan and ian hear the comotion (susans acting is terrible)
they go looking for him
the next scene shows the cave tribe once more
a man approaches za and says that cal say he knows that orb with show him how to make fire
za get angry and says its gonna be him who makes fire
cal arrives with the doctor on his shoulders
cal says hes saw the doctor make fire from his fingers
cal tells the tribe that za is a bad leader and he would make a better one
the doctor wakes up
cal says the doctor belongs to him
za threatens to kill cal
the doctor offers to make fire
but he cant find his matches
he asks to go back the tardis and he will make fire
za says that cal was lying about the doctor making fire
cal begs the doctor to make fire
the doctor says he cant
cal goes to kill the doctor
but ian susan and barbara arrive in time to stop him
but they grab ian and attempt to kill him
but the doctor shouts "IF HE DIES THERE WILL BE NO FIRE"
the old woma (zas mother) tells cal to kill barbara
but za stops him
za say that they will de when orb gives them fire
the doctor and his friends are taken to the cave of skulls
za tell the father of the woman he love that she is his
but her father says that she will go to the leade
then we see the old woman saying basically fire is nothing but trouble and they should of killed the four strangers
za says the will die when orb shines again
then we see the doctor and the gang in the cave of skulls
the doctor blames himselfs
ian spots a load of skulls that have been split open
the episode ends

PART THREE the forest of fear

we see zas mother take his knife
then we see the doctor and co trying to escape
ian points out that there is air coming from somewhere
but first he needs to get his hands free
zas woman wakes up to see his mother sneeking out
then we see the escape effort again
the doctor tells barbara to have hope and to try and remember the way they came from the tardis
then we see zas woman waking him up
they follow his mother
then we see his mother enter the cave of skulls
she tells them they will not make fire
then we see za and his woman saying that shes probly gone to kill the strangers
he needs to stop her and they will give him fire
they hear the old woman talking
shes tells the doctor that she will set them free if the come away never to return and never to make fire
the doctor assures her there will be no fire
za and his woman try to get in the cave
the old woman smuggles the doctors gang out
she tells za that she set them free so that they wont make fire
za strikes her down
the doctors gang run through the forrest
the doctor is flaggin
they stop a while
they hear a noise
but they carry on
barbara spots somthing in the bushes
the doctor and ian argue
za and his woman are on there trail
baraba spots a dead wilderbeast and screams
za hears her
another beat is heard
za is attacked
the gang run and help
they see to his wounds
the doctor is not happy
he has doubts that the old woman will bring the tribe
then we see the old woman regain slight conciousness
cal finds her
he accuesses za of setting them free
then we go back to the forest and see the gang they said they will make za well if they show them the way back to the tardis
the doctor is not very helpful
they make za a stretcher
cal tells the tribe that za is a traitor
then we see the gang in the forrest
the tribe find the old woman dead (mudered by cal)
but cal blames za
the believe him
cal pronounces himself as leader
then we see the gang find the tardis
to be greeted by cal

PART FOUR the firemaker

ian tells them to get back
the doctor and ian put za down
cal acuses them of setting the doctor and friends free
and killing the old woman
the doctor points out that zas knife has no blood on it
cals knife has blood on it
the doctor outs cal has the murderer
he staes that cal would be a bad leader
the tribe banish him
za becomes leader again
he states cal is the ememy
the doctor and the gang are imprisoned in the cave of skulls yet again
za and the woman talk about the strangers
za thinks they have the secret of fire if the dont tell him they would die
next we see ian tring to make fire
za enters the cave
the doctor tell him they are making fire
za askes to speak to leader
he says if they show him how to make fire he will set them free
ian say the fire maker is the lleast important man
then fire comes
zas womans father says to the tribe that he is no leader
the guard of the cave is killed by the returning cal
he enters the cave
za and cal do battle
za kills cal
the father of zas woman says there is no fire and za is liar
za come out of cave with fire
and says cal is dead
za is the leader
he goes to get meat
he tells the tribe to keep the doctor and the gang in the cave
they tell the woman that they gave them fire and now should be freed
the tribe all gather around the fire
za enters the cave
the doctor aske when can they leave za says they are to stay
and warns them not to try to leave
ian has a plan to fake their own deaths
zas woman finds skulls that the believe to be theirs
the gang make their escape
za and the tribe realise that they have been tricked
they persue them
the gang run for their lives
they make it to the tardis just intime
the doctor gets the tardis moving
the tribe see it disapear
barbara and ian asks the doctor to take them home
he says he cant
they land at their new destination
the radiation meter reads danger
the story ends

Friday, 26 February 2010

HANG COOL TEDDY BEAR (9 weeks to go)

just a few words about meatloafs forthcoming album hang cool teddy bear
radio two tuesday played the first single "los angeloser"
i think its not a bad song
a very different song for meatloaf
a definate grower
its can be heard on http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00qxy51
its about 1.45 mins in
there are 4 day left to listen

Thursday, 25 February 2010



as a huge green lantern fan i thought i would be good to cover the comics on here

so i thought id start with the most recent

issue 50

the issue starts with a raging battle in coast city
the black lanterns on a rampage
the corps are united as one
blue lantern flash is being mentored by saint walker
and aqua woman comes face to face with her dead husband
green lantern is confused why scarecrow and lex luthor have been made ring bearers
but as sinestro reminds him the rings choose their owners
larfleeze the orange lantern wants to strip luthor of the ring
meanwhile green lantern comes face to face with a face from the past
spectre gets the better of him
and green lantern hal jordan is now a black lantern
but the guardians use their powers to revive and make him green again
green lantern battles spectre with help of sinestro and scarecrow
but spectre overpowers scarecrow who gets hung from a cross
all the corps team up against spectre
he just seems to get stronger
green lanten remembers that paralax is the only one who can detroy spectre
so he gets the guardians to put the power batteries together to produce the yellow eliment paralax demon
hal jordan approaches it
but sinestro tries to stop him
the star saphire tries to stop him
but they kiss
then he aproaches the eliment and lets it over power him
and becomes paralax

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

welcome to smallville

there were times in the past that i never gave the tv show smallville a second look
but lately friends have highly recomended it as im a huge comic book fan
so i gave it a go
i must say i love it
its the chronicles of a young clark kent before he became superman
living in a meteor hit town
where people seem to get effected all the time
in this first season clark encounters such opponents as shapeshifting schoolgirl an ice absorbing football player a mind reading orphan and an old aged murder who becomes young again
the series also focuses on other characters such as clarks parents love interest lana lang and a young lex luthor
this first season was gripping i was riveted
the season end with a cliffhanger lana stuck in a tornado
we have to wait until next season to see if clark can save her on time
but as im so behind i only have to wait until tonight

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


as covered before the big comic event of 2009/2010
blackest night
as im already covering the man series i thought id cover some the tie in that are out there
so todat the focus is on the 3 part superman story
and let me tell you i was gripped
i couldnt put it down
i read all 3 comics in one sitting
was fantastic


the opening scene in the superman of earth2 rising from the dead
the next couple of pages show the people of smallville going about their business
but there is a dark shadow above
then we see the sheriff and a cop having a heated discusion
the sheriff is sucked into a hole in the ground
the darkness decends over smallville
the next scene is the kent farm
where clark martha and conner and dog krypto are awaiting the arrival of lois lane
when they here a noise
clark and conner go and find out whats going on
clark becomes superman
they find themselves in the graveyard
overcome with fear they encounter the black lantern superman of earth 2
he offers to reunite them with their dead father
the three of them do battle
the next page shows martha and krypto
all of a sudden the wall explodes
throwing krypto across the room
standing their is a very dead black lantern lois lane
meanwhile clark and conner are still doing battle with superman of earth2 who knocks conner out and sends him plunging to his death
clark catches him in the knick of time
meanwhile in the of kandor on the planet new krypton supergirl returns due to her fathers death and is reunited with her mother
together the go and view his body
at that very moment he rises as a black lantern
back in smallville clark and conner land on ground looking for superman of earth2
the soon find him with lois lane
holding their mother hostage


issue two starts with happy scenes of smallville earlier that day
but now the streets of smallvile are in chaos
as conner and clark do battle with superman of earth2
whilst marth watches on whilst being restrained by lois
but then a new black lantern apears
roger hayden the psycho pirate
he starts controlling the emotions of the people of smallville
clark and conners battle with superman of earth2 continues
but conner manages to zap off lois lanes arm with his eyes
martha escapes into a nearby field
the battle rages on
the people of smallville are consumed by a mixture of emotion fear rage and many more
the psycho pirate finds a new victim to unload his emotions on
conner kent
he is filled with rage and then attacks clark
meanwhile on kandor the father of supergirl is on a rampage leaving bodies in his wake
then he comes face to face with supergirl
she tells him that her father his dead and that this creature is not her father
she punches half his head off
but it seems to make him stronger
he vows to kill the city
the closing pages show the black lantern lois lane searching for martha
but martha is ready to fight


the opening scene is krypto sensing a disturbance
meanwhile supoergirl battles her father
whilst the people of smallville wreak havoc
clark struggles to fight conner
but he knows its the psycho pirates doing
but then superman of earth2 attacks clark and conner plunges once more
next we see martha hiding from lois
but they are soon face to face
martha sets fire to her
but it has no effect
lois is ready to kill
but krypto comes to the rescue
he tears the black lantern ring from her fingers
lois plunges into oblivion
matha sends krypto to help conner and clark
the next page shows supergirls mother trying to gather weapons
she then goes to help her daughter
conner and superman of earth2 gang on clark
conner starts to do battle with his emotions
we next see supergirl being heped by her mother
then we see conner overcome his emotions and is now back on side with clark
psycho pirate is still wreaking havoc on the streets
but he is confronted by conner who takes his mask away from him
as clark still battles with superman of earth2
supergirl is a little worse for wear she is now in the arms of her mother as her father explodes into the sun
with psycho pirate deafeted clark and krypto try and fight off superman of earth2
but then connner arrives and uses the mask to fill him up with emotions
overpowered the superman of earth2 plunges to his death
the final pages shows conner and clark planning to fix up smallville and then on to join the rest of the dc universe in the big fight against the black lanterns

Monday, 22 February 2010


last nights elimation chamber gave out a few suprises
here a the results

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Gail Kim & Maryse

Michelle McCool & Layla defeated Maryse & Gail Kim in an impromptu Divas Tag Team Match ordered at the last minute by SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero, live from the "Gateway City."

It had been a hard fought Divas Championship Tournament after Melina was forced to vacate the title due to injury. After many grueling and action-packed matches, Gail Kim and Maryse were set-up to square off for the coveted Divas Championship. The match was set for WWE Elimination Chamber and a heated, yet fairly civil, rivalry was about to reach its pinnacle.

However, the conclusion to the Divas Championship Tournament was simply not in the cards for WWE Elimination Chamber as SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero changed the match at the very last second. Feeling that the SmackDown Divas were not properly represented in the night’s event, she postponed the Championship Match and set a tag team contest, Gail Kim & Maryse vs. SmackDown Divas Michelle McCool & Layla.

Vickie Guerrero cited Raw Divas’ comments against SmackDown’s sexy, smart and powerful women as a major factor in her decision to order the match change.

As the bout got underway, it became abundantly clear that Maryse had no interest in being Gail Kim’s partner and refused to tag into the contest. This allowed Michelle McCool and Layla to pick up a victory for SmackDown in what essentially became more of a handicap encounter.

Adding insult to injury, after the match, Maryse then hit Gail Kim with the French Kiss, leaving her eventual Divas Championship opponent laid out in the middle of the ring. While tensions further erupted between Gail Kim and Maryse, the night ended with a still vacated Divas Championship.

United States Champion The Miz def. MVP

United States Champion The Miz appeared at Elimination Chamber as per usual to talk up himself, and more specifically his role as a WWE Pro on Tuesday’s premiere episode of WWE NXT. However, when “The Awesome One” was forced to defend his U.S. Title, he ended up adding further legitimacy to his frequent, self-aggrandizing claims by defeating his frequent rival, MVP.

While being interviewed by Josh Mathews about the debut of WWE NXT, The Miz took the opportunity to degrade his NXT Rookie, Daniel Bryan. Just as he did on his WWE Universe blog, the United States Champion criticized Bryan for his lack of personality, but before he could go on for too long, “The Awesome One” was interrupted by none other than MVP. By pinning Miz during a Unified Tag Team Championship Match on Raw, The Ballin’ Superstar earned another chance to win the U.S. Title. MVP then went on to inform a surprised Miz that he’d be cashing in that opportunity later in the night.

When it came time for the U.S. Title Match, both Superstars came to the ring with some heavy artillery. While The Miz was accompanied by fellow Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show, MVP was backed up by his frequent tag team partner, Mark Henry. Though both ring warriors have become increasingly familiar with one another's tactics due to their frequent skirmishes, The Ballin' Superstar benefited the most from the knowledge, as he spent much of the match in complete control.

Things started to unravel for MVP however, when Big Show became involved in the contest. Though Mark Henry attempted to prevent any foul-play, The World's Largest Athlete retaliated by sending The World's Strongest Man through a barricade. Then, with the referee distracted, Big Show landed a Knockout Punch on MVP, giving The Miz just the opening he needed to pin his rival and retain his U.S. Championship.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre def. Kane

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre will do whatever it takes to win — a fact he proved yet again at WWE Elimination Chamber, stealing a victory over Kane to escape with his coveted championship still in his possession.

Personally signed by Mr. McMahon, McIntyre has been supremely confident since arriving on SmackDown, but even a Superstar as cocky as he is had trepidations about stepping into the ring with The Big Red Monster. Since the two men first crossed paths in a Triple Threat Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match, Kane has had his sights set on McIntyre’s Intercontinental Championship. It seemed as though nothing the arrogant Scotsman did could stop the focused monster on his path of destruction.

Facing off with the former WWE Champion at Elimination Chamber, McIntyre knew he couldn’t match Kane in the strength department. Instead, the crafty Intercontinental Champion targeted the 7-footer’s center of gravity, repeatedly attacking the giant’s knees during the bout. When this strategy failed to stop the destructive Kane, McIntyre opted to cheat, hitting his opponent with a thumb to the eye to set up the Future Shock DDT for the pin.

With this victory, the Intercontinental Champion’s undefeated streak continues. But has McIntyre vanquished his diabolical opponent or only made him angrier? Find out this Friday night on SmackDown.

Chris Jericho wins Elimination Chamber Match (New World Heavyweight Champion)

In a shocking upset, Chris Jericho outlasted five elite SmackDown Superstars to become a six-time World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Elimination Chamber. But, his victory wasn’t simply a case of Jericho being “the best in the world at what he does.” Ultimately, his triumph came with some shocking “Heartbreak,” in the form of HBK.

Nonetheless, Jericho overcame tremendous odds to capture the World Championship inside Satan’s Structure, outlasting not only the legendary Undertaker, but also John Morrison, CM Punk, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio.

The career-threatening match proved to be a brutal battle from the moment CM Punk locked horns with R-Truth at the opening bell. The Second City Saint defeated the rapping Superstar with the GTS before Rey Mysterio could even enter the Chamber at No. 3. The Master of the 619 – who has a tremendous score to settle with Punk for the back-to-back assaults he has endured on SmackDown – returned the favor by pinning Punk with a splash before Jericho could enter at No. 4.

John Morrison entered at No. 5, initiating a fast-paced trifecta of pain that eventually ended with The Guru of Greatness pinning Mysterio with Starship Pain.

The Demon of Death Valley entered last, finishing off The Shaman of Sexy with a chokeslam onto the unforgiving steel.

The Undertaker then turned his attention back to Jericho. But just as he seemed ready to finish off his prey, Shawn Michaels suddenly emerged from under the Chamber and executed an earth-shattering Sweet Chin Music to cost the World Champion his title.

Although Shawn Michaels’ attack on The Phenom came as a surprise to the entire WWE Universe, it is no secret that HBK has been consumed with his attempts to face The Deadman in a WrestleMania rematch for months. Clearly, the frustration of coming up short in his quest time and time again - with devastating losses in the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match at Raw – has taken its toil.

Despite the circumstances surrounding Jericho’s triumph, the enormity of his feat can not be denied. By conquering the dreaded, steel terror that is the Elimination Chamber, the highly decorated Superstar did more than back-up his claim that he would capture the illustrious title two days earlier on SmackDown. His monumental triumph has earned him the right to headline WrestleMania, adding to his already amazing list of accolades.

John Cena wins Elimination Chamber Match; Batista defeats Cena (New WWE Champion)

Few men have felt the sting of that axiom quite like John Cena. The Superstar had struggled against five resolute rivals – Sheamus, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Kofi Kingston – in one of the most unforgiving structures ever devised to capture his sixth WWE Championship. An exhausted Cena basked in his accomplishment as the WWE Universe reigned their approval upon him. Glory was his.

That glory, however, proved fleeting indeed. Mr. McMahon and his de facto enforcer as of late, Batista, made their way to the ring. The Chairman informed the newly crowned champion that he must defend his title against The Animal – immediately. Cena appeared incredulous, but knowing Mr. McMahon, perhaps he should have expected just such a despicable twist. Despite a valiant effort, Cena seemed too battered, too spent to mount a worthy defense, and he was forced to relinquish the championship to a victorious Batista.

This final shocking turn capped off an entire match littered with surprises. The biggest shake-up may have been the further dismantling of The Legacy. If ringleader Orton had come to question the loyalty of DiBiase, he needn’t question it any further – it’s long gone. As DiBiase and The Viper battled inside the chamber, Rhodes came to the ring to sneak a lead pipe to his mentor. DiBiase, however, claimed the pipe and bashed Orton with it before pinning him.

In other action, the seemingly unstoppable Sheamus met his match against Triple H. It was The King of Kings who avenged an attack from The Celtic Warrior a week earlier and put an end to his tyrannical rule by eliminating Sheamus from the bout. The Game would eventually face Cena, who forced him to tap out to claim the title, brief as it was.

What will happen in the wake of such unexpected developments remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely that any of the six Superstars involved in the match will give up their quest for the most revered of treasures, the WWE Championship. After all, glory may be fleeting, but obscurity lasts forever.

Sunday, 21 February 2010


tonight see wwes elmination chamber event
here are my predictions
i predict jericho
as it will set up jericho edge at wrestlemania


im goin for mcintyre to retain

tough one to call
maybe sheamus to retain


im goin for maryse

thats all thats on the website
more matches may happen

ill post results tomorrow

Saturday, 20 February 2010

hang cool teddy bear (2 months to go)

so if you remember a couple of weeks ago i posted a blog on the new meat loaf album untitled hang cool teddy bear
and i said that this could be a cover up for bat out of hell 4
however now the artwork has been comfirmed for hang cool teddy bear (see above)
so its more or less done and dusted??
if you look closely theres a skeleton lying on the ground
if going by the dagger in his hand id go as far to say that the skeleton belongs to the motor cyclist on the bat of hell album covers
the burned out bike backs my theory up even more
so could this mean that hang cool teddy bear is really bat out of hell 4?
or maybe it could symbolise the death of the bat out of hell franchise?
or am i reading to much into this?

Friday, 19 February 2010

this one goes out to an old friend

today i wanna talk about the way me and my friend amy are really old people in diguise
we are both in our twenties and act like old farts
we both sit in arm chairs with blankets round us moaning about "kids"
this one time her phone rang and it was the theme tune to murder she wrote
i made fun of her
then mine rang
last of the summer wine
we are old beyond our years
i was inspired to write this poem

young age pensioner
by sean gould

im not your average youngster
as you can clearly see
i am twenty eight years old
going on seventy three

i dont drink fancy new beers
in a club full of glam and glitter
im happy in a quiet pub
with a pint of bitter

i dont play football on sundays
or go foe a few beers or more
id rather rather stay at home with a cuppa
and listen to the archers on radio four

im not into wild parties
i like staying in just fine
watching stuff like murder she wrote
and last of the summer wine

i write poems moaning about todays youth
and the way things used to be
talk about the past with workmates
who are twice as old as me

being a young age pensioner can be fun
i never want to change
you can think about me what you want
but i refuse to act my age

written 11th february 2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010

another one from the work shop

let me cast your mind back to the 8th of december of last year
i posted a blog about a workdshop i attended
i was shown a skill where i has five words/descriptions and had to write a couple of lines on each then expand them until i had a big piece of writing
i tried this again
but without a picture
this time i used a book
i opened at random pages
then pointed a pen at random words/ phrases
they were:
just imagine
dared to defy
friend she was abandoning
the constant fear of making a mistake
it was about to be solved

here is the finished article

by sean gould

jane could just imagine a new life for herself
she just needed to escape
to get away from everything
her dead end job
a town that held nothing for her
she had become disillusioned buy her hum drum life
nothing exciting ever seemed to happen
she just followed everyone else on the daily rat race
she just went with the flow
followed all the rules
so many rules that she never dared to defy
but maybe she had to break the rules to make her life a little more interesting
or maybe she just needed a change of scene
she had a collection of post cards from far away exotic places that she could only dream of visiting
but she decided now is the time
today was the start of a new chapter in her life
her bags were all packed
and in her hand was a train ticket
a ticket to nowhere in particular
but to her it was just the beginning of her journey to paradise
she had no bad feelings
no guilt
the only thing she felt guilty about was debbie a friend she was abandoning
debbie herself was also trapped in a souless
she has spent years trying to break away
luckily for her jane had an extra ticket
debbie was only too delighted to take it off her hands
they were both glad of each others company
the very thought of this adventure filled them both with excitment
this was a feeling they were not too familiar with
but they liked it
it felt so good
it felt so real
this was finally going to happen
the sudden feeling of nevrousness surrounded them
and the constant fear of making a mistake was somthing they needed to overcome if this journey was going to be a success
they just needed to walk into the future leaving the worries of the past behind
they were both mesmerised by the mysteries of the world
now was the time for them to find out what planet earth had instore
the taxi was now outside
as jane locked the door to her flat she couldnt help wondering if she would ever go back
she wasnt sure if she cared
she was just going to see what happens
as they both got in the taxi jane took a deep breath
bracing herself for the adventure that she and debbie were about to embark on
as the taxi drove away they said goodbye to their old town building by building
as they arrived in the station jane felt an extreme case of butterflies in her stomach
to her this was a strange feeling
but it was a good feeling
and there it was
their train to paradise
the train that will take them to their destiny
as they stepped on the train jane looked at debbie
the smile said more than a million words
she was the happiest she had ever been
this gave jane so much satisfaction
because maybe debbie needed this more than she did
but now they had the freedom they had both yearned for
they sat on the train looking at the people around them
all eager to escape their own hum drum lives
lots of faces on the train
faces of wonder
faces of excitement
faces of happiness
happiness because they all knew that they will wake up tomorrow in a new place
happy travellers
happy knowing the mysteries of the world are about to be solved
the train pulled out of the station

wriiten 16th december 2009

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

49 years of pure beauty

as a few of you know im a huge comic book fan
green lantern being my favorate
so last week end i was delighted when a good friend of mine gave me this

this here is green lantern issue 4
dated february 1961
my dad wasnt even born then
it trully is a thing of beauty

look at the pages
thats the golden age of comics right there
and the smell
its got that distinctive old comic smell
i like a mixture between charity shops and an old musty wardrobe


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

face lift

welcome to the new look romantic geek blog
looks good?
i think so
im gonna give more good quality blogs

the big one double zero

here it is
my 100th blog
i wanted to do somthing special to mark this miles stone
i was think about doin a top 100 of my favorate songs
but that would of been a bit long winded
then i thought about facts about the number 100
but i couldnt find any
then i was looking looking at the layout of my blog
and thought man this is dull
i thought thats what i should do to celebrate the centuary of the romantic geek blog
ill make some changes
so watch this space

so i wanna end by saying thanks to everyone who has read and commented on the last 100 blogs
heres to the next 100 and the next and the next and the next..........................................

Monday, 15 February 2010

to tweet or not to tweet??

the big sensation
i once stated that id never join
but now im considering it
should i?
i got friends on there
and a lot of my fave celebs post on there
but what else can twitter offer me?
should i join?
feedback welcome

TNA against all odds results

just got the results of last nights tna against all odds
nothin mega exciting i was surprised by some of the wins though

In an 8 Stud Tournament Quarterfinal, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero defeated Desmond Wolfe to advance

- In an 8 Stud Tournament Quarterfinal, TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan defeated fellow Tag Team Champion Hernandez to advance

- In an 8 Stud Tournament Quarterfinal, Mr. Anderson defeated Kurt Angle after battering him with his own Olympic Gold Medal

- In an 8 Stud Tournament Quarterfinal, Abyss defeated Mick Foley after getting the win with the Black Hole Slam in thumb tacks to advance

- The Nasty Boys defeated Team 3D thanks to an assist by legendary manager "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart, who made his TNA Wrestling return

- In an 8 Stud Tournament Semifinal, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero defeated Matt Morgan to advance to the finals

- In an 8 Stud Tournament Semifinal, Mr. Anderson defeated Abyss to advance to the finals

- With Eric Bischoff as special referee, TNA World Heavyweight Champion "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles (with Ric Flair) successfully defended the gold against Samoa Joe

- In the 8 Card Stud Finals, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero (despite suffering an earlier attack by Scott Hall and Sean Waltman) defeated Mr. Anderson to win the tournament and a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

TNA against all odds predictions

just thought id do a quick prediction (evethough tna is pretty unpredictable) on the results of tonights tna wrestling event against all odds
theres not a lot to go on but here is what has been announces so far
im not gonna predict the overall winner of the tornement the openening round
here goes
its a match we have seen many times
my moneys on wolfe
partner vs partner
gonna be a close one
but i think morgan has the edge
a tough one to call
i hope its angle
but slightly unsure
but ill go with angle
friend vs friend
a forced match by eric bishoff
and bishoff has stated that if there is any controversy abyss will be unmasked
im not sure if this will happen
i dont think it would be a wise decision
if think abyss without the mask would just be wrong
a bad carreer move
back to the prediction
i have a feeling foley will win this
in other matches
nobody wants to see this
i mean they nasty are no good
they were there best in 1993
just in a job because theyre hogans buddies
i would hate to see them win
i hope and predict team 3d to win
a match that has been done to death
but hard to call
both great wrestlers
i was convinced i knew the winner
i thought it was gonna be aj
with ric flair on your side you cant go wrong
this week on impact
eric bishoff named himself has guest refferee
it appears he has a problem with aj and flair
but i seem to think this could be a con and he could be on their side
so ill stick with aj
thats all the matches website advertises
but with tna you can be sure of more matches and a few surprises
ill post results tomorrow

Thursday, 11 February 2010

just like norman clegg

just like norman clegg
by sean gould

i cant help but think
about when i retire
i wont be the kind of person
to sit around the fire

id like to live in the country
and walk around in the fresh air
hang around with fellas of my own age
and get up to mischief without a care

we would talk about ferrets
even our ex wives
also all the silly things
we have done in our lives

we would spend our time
causing chaos in the cafe
then we would ride down a hill
in an old tin bath

we would get up to crazyness
almost everyday
even though were pensioners
we would be just like kids at play

so when i retire
i think life will be just fine
with friends out in the country
drinking the last of the summer wine

written 2nd february 2010

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

blackest night issues 4-6

yestardays blog went on slightly longer than i was banking on
after three or more hours of sitting here typing i decided to split it up into two parts
so now is the second part of our recap on the blackest night saga and it will take us bang up to date


this issue is not very plot heavy really
plenty of battle scenes from the opening
as aqua woman battles hawkgirl
the atom battles hawkman
the flah battles firestorm
however the current firestorm possessed by the original firestorm is tricked intoo murdering is own girlfriend
and swears revenge on the orinal however hes possessed and halfway to becoming a black lantern
the next few pages focus on a couple of new comers to the story
the scarecrow is shown saying that nothing can scare him
nothing but batman
he says this when confronted by the black lantern azrael
the next page shows lex luthor looking at a list of the dead
aquawoman flash and the atom find themselves in an office surrounded by telephones
so they call for help
a lot of help comes in the form of
kid flash
allan scott (original green lantern)
green arrow
to name but a few
the battle rages on
the end sees the flash transported to a grave yard
where the black hand waits for him
he arrives in time to see the rising of a new black lantern
who utters the words
"barry allen you owe me your life"
"you all do"


this issue starts on the planet ryut
where the gardians have brought together representatives of the colours of the spectrum of light
hal jordan (green lantern)
sinestro(yellow lantern)
atrocitus(red lantern)
larfleeze(orange lantern)
saint walker(blue lantern)
star sapphire (violet lantern)
indigo-1(indigo tribe)
the only light that is missing is the black lantern
it must be found
meanwhile nekron watches as the black hand brutally beats the flash(barry allen)
but the another flash (wally west)comes to the rescue
and he does not come alone
he arrives with
wonder woman
and manymore
the battle between the dead and the living rages on
the spectrum oflight people join the battle
but they are soon joined by a new black lantern
he throws out black lantern rings to the heroes who once died then came back to life
such as
green arrow
kid flash
they are all now black lanterns


green lantern is mobbed by the black lanterns
as they think he and flash belong with them
the battle becomes heated
the ring fly towards green lantern and flash
waiting to be worn
but this doesnt happen
another green lantern (john stewart) is chased by thousands of black lanterns
the battle rages out of control
gathet a blue lantern guardian sees there is somthing else needed
he makes himself a green lantern
he programs all the other lantern rings to distbute one more ring each
the flash becomes a blue lantern
lex luthor becomes an orange lantern
the scarecrow becomes a yellow lantern
the atom becomes a member of the indigo tribe
aquawoman becomes a red lantern
the poweer fights and breaks wonder womans black ring
she becomes a violet lantern
the all stand proud
and as the issue ends blue lantern flash states "all will be well"

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

blackest night issue 1-3

i meant to blog about this a long time ago
but i never got round to it
so now is a matter of playing catch up
so heres the deal
im a big comic book fan
my favorate being green lantern
so last summer i was gripped by the start of a new series of eight comic books entitled BLACKEST NIGHT
ive been gripped by this monthly for the last six months
and now with two issues left i wait in excitment about the forthcoming sequel BRIGHTEST DAY
as this will be covered in future blogs i thought it would be best to also cover BLACKEST NIGHT
as there is only two issues remaining i thought it would be nice to recap the story so far issue by issue starting with issue one(ok i know there was an issue zero which was given away free but i dont have that and its quite hard to come by but i am looking for it and will post it if i get hold of it)


the story starts with black hand risen from the dead
but theres voices in his head
someone telling him no one can escape death
then we get a look at the black lantern power battery
and the story goes on the green lantern corps and the loved ones they have lost
the following pages show a number of people at the gravesides of a number of fallen heroes such as aqua man
the next page shows bruce waynes faithfull butler alfred attend the grave of his masters parents
only to find that the grave has been dug up and the bodies are no longer there
then next page show the justice league hq where we find green lantern and the flash exploring the vaults where the remains of all the dead enemies are kept
green lantern updates flash (who has recently returned from the dead himself)on who has died in his absence
heroes like batman aquaman martian manhunter enlongated man and his wife
the next page shows hawkman on the phone to the atom
the next few pages concerntrate on events on the planet oa where the guardians look on in disgust as the watch all the various lanterntern corps do battle do battle with each other
the focus shines on the green lantern corps namely kyle raynor and guy gardner as they are bombarded by a swarm
its a swarm of black lantern rings
the next few pages show many of the dead rising wearing their black lantern rings
there is now a huge army of black lanterns
then it shows flash and green lantern confronted by the black lantern martian manhunter
the final pages of this issue focus on the brutal murder on hawkman and hawkgirl at the hands of the black lantern elongated man
the final scene shows their corpses rise as black lanterns


this issue is kind of uneventfull
it starts with the atom on the phone to hawkman
hawkman invites him around
the atom agrees unknowing that hawkman is now a black lantern
the next scene takes us to gotham city where comissioner gordon stands on the rooftop displaying the bat signal in vain
just to find green lantern thrown into the lamp smashing it
the next few pages find aquawoman and tempest and some mermen at aquamans grave side
to the black lantern aquaman with vengence in his eyes
then we see a few more rise from the dead
then a few pages later we catch up with aquaman as aquawoman tries to take him down
the mermen became sharkfood
then the follwing pages show pther names become black lanterns
one being spectre who announces he wants hal jordan
as flash fights martian manhunter green lantern explains what is going on to commissioner gordon
then we see aquamans battle continue
but tempest is killed and becomes the newest black lantern
then we catch up with flash and green lantern and we see martian manhunter disapear in a cascade of flames
but they havnt seen the last of him


this issue starts with a battle of flames
green lantern and flash are up against martian manhunter elongated man the original starfire hawkman and hawkgirl
but a battered and beaten atom turn up to even numbers
the next few pages show the current firestorm at the justice league hq watching with horror the events on the monitor
when he is aproached by aquawoman
meanwhile atom flash seem to be outnumbered
but then there is a flash of bright indigo
and a man and a woman appear
and use their powers to zap away the black lanterns
and then the teleport themselves flash green lantern and atom to the justice league hq
there they meet aquawoman and firestorm
the woman introduces herself as indigo-1 and she explains that they are from the indigo tribe
and that they are part of the spectrum of light
but they are soon seiged by martian manhunter and the rest of the blacklanterns
the original firestorm plays mindgames
leaving the current firestorm powerless
then the vault of dead enemies open and they rise
as black lanterns

Monday, 8 February 2010

hang cool teddy bear?

im a huge fan of meatloaf (the singer)
and of course im excited about his new album
so a few days ago he released a video on the internet revealing the title of this new album
here it is

so what do you make of that?
hang cool teddy bear?
to be honest im not sure if i buy it
not a very rock n roll title
maybe he could be throwing us a dummy?
if you listened he said hang cool teddybear 4
could it be a big cover up for bat out of hell 4?
who knows?

over the last day or two ive been doing a bit of investigation
ahh good old google

this is what wikpedia tells us

Hang Cool, Teddy Bear is the upcoming eleventh studio album by Meat Loaf. It is scheduled to be released on 19 April 2010. It will be the first since Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose in 2006.

Since May 2009, Meat Loaf has been in the studio working on the album with American Idiot producer Rob Cavallo working with such writers as Justin Hawkins(who has written five ttracks for this album), Dianne Warren and Jon Bon Jovi. Currently this will be only the fourth album by Meat Loaf not involving Jim Steinman in its production. Guests on the album include Brian May, Steve Vai, Pearl Aday, Patti Russo, Hugh Laurie, amongst others. Though much has not been revealed Meat has given away some information through videos he has been posting on Twitter. The album has been officially completed as of December 11th 2009.

The first single from the album, "Los Angeloser", will be released on 2 April.

Meat Loaf has confirmed that the album will have 15 tracks, though no song titles have been officially announced nor any confirmed but a track name was let slip by Meat on his Twitter video. Also, fans have previously uncovered other titles confirmed by Meat. These tracks, of necessity, are not necessarily in sequential order.

"Love Is Not Real" (Justin Hawkins), featuring Brian May
"If I Can't Have You" (Kara DioGuardi)
"Los Angeloser" (James Michael)
"Like a Rose" (New Medicine's Jake Sherer)
"Living on the Outside" (Rick Brantley)
"Peace On Earth" (Rick Brantley)
"The Hallelujah Song" (features Hugh Laurie on piano)
"If It Rains" (Jaren Johnston & Neil Mason)
"Madness" (Rick Brantley)

All writers have been confirmed by Meat Loaf

Justin Hawkins
Diane Warren
James Michael
Rick Brantley
Greg Becker
Kevin Curtish
Jon Bon Jovi
Tom Hambridge
Sean McConnell
Jaren Johnston
Neil Mason
Kara DioGuardi

Meat Loaf - lead vocals
Kasim Sulton: Bass, Vocals
John Miceli: Drums
Mark Alexander: Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Crook: Guitars
Randy Flowers: Guitars, Vocals
"C.C." Coletti-Jablonski: Vocals

so thats all the info so far
but i did hear patti russo was doing female vocals
but shes not mentioned over
and yes that is hugh laurie from blackadder
so up to yet it confirmed as hang cool teddy bear
but is all this stuff on true?
all will be answered in the coming weeks
watch this space

Friday, 5 February 2010

the girl of my dreams

this might be a bit strange
last i had a dream
i was on a bus
and goodlooking lady was on the bus with her little boy
the bus stopped
she got off
but the bus closed its doors and drove off
i saw the woman out the window
she was destressed
the little boy was in tears
i told the bus driver to stop
he refused
after a bit of argueing he stopped the bus
so i got off the bus and walked up the road and reunited mother and child
then we went for a drink
and saw a lot of eath other other the following weeks
i cant remember her name just that her child was called jake
i know it was a dream
and shes probly not real
but shes been in my head all day
maybe she is real and dreamt about last night too

Thursday, 4 February 2010


just a quick one
ive realised that i havnt been labeling my posts
so i spent all night last night labeling them
so there easier to read

more changes to come

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

well stone me

a tired romantic geek today
at 4.30am this morning i was wired to a drip in sandwell hospital
i started with a cronic stomach pain on monday very painfull
had a few small pains during yestarday
then at 3.15 this morning i woke up and thought id been stabbed
ive never known pain like it
so i called 999
and the response i got was u will get a call back in the next 6o minutes
there i was in agony
but within 5 minutes i got the call
and after a few questions
i was told there would be no ambulance
as it dosent sound life threatening
just to take a couple of painkillers and call my gp
this pain was so grueling i just couldnt cope
so i got a lift to the hospital from my parents
and i was seen almost right away
the doctor said to complain about that 999 call
had blood tests and urine test was pumped with lots of pain killer drugs
and it turns out i had a kidney stone
i have to for a scan soon
and i havee been told to go back if i have another bout of pain like that
but next time i think i could be in a little longer than 3 hours

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

the greatest moment as a wrestling fan

last thursday for me was quite possibly the greatest day of my life
as a life long wrestling fan i was very excited to to coventry and watch tna wrestling
we also managed to get tickets to the fan access too
where we met nine of the worlds greatest wrestlers
so then as a suprise birthday present my friend upgraded the tickets to fron row ring side
this was an amazing view
then we saw the owner of the company dixie carter walking around so we couldnt resist a photo oppertunity
however the magic didnt end there
the anouncer said that whoever was the loudest there would get a back stage pass
and of course i got one:)
i knew my big mouth would get me somewhere
so we went back stage and met more wrestlers
it was an amzing day

me with taylor wilde and sarita

the pope d,angelo denero

brutus magnus

doug williams

kurt angle

dixie carter

beer money

bubba dudley

chris sabin

devon dudley

d-lo brown

referee earl hebnar

amazing red

jeremy borash

Monday, 1 February 2010

for number ten

first i wanna apologise for another long break in posts
ive just been so busy and havent seemed to have time to sit at a computer
but now im all sorted now
and normal sevice will resume

the subject of todays post may be a little out of date but its somthing i wrote on the 2nd of january of this year
as many of you will know im a huge fan of doctor who and of course i sat in front of the tv on new years day watching david tennants final episode
it inspired me to write this poem
a homage to the tenth doctor

for number ten
by sean gould

new teeth not ginger the best dressed in town
defeating the sycorax in an old dressing gown
you travelled in the tardis with rose in tow
you went to new earth and met the face of boe
met queen victoria and a wolf and fought tooth and claw
then solved a mystery with sarah jane like you used to do before

went through the fireplace to eighteenth centuary france
and on paralell earth you saw the cybermen advance
in 1953 you stopped an evil telly
then met the ood and give satan some welly
saw a little girls drawing and the problems they posed
encountred doomsday in torchwood and goodbye to rose

met donna for the first time saved her from a marriage of doom
then met up with martha jones in a hospital on the moon
fought caronites with shakespere who took a fancy to miss jones
saw the death of the face of boe and were told you are not alone
ended up in 30s new york and foiled the daleks plans
then watched old professer lazerus become a younger man

had forty two minutes to prevent the big burn
became the human john smith with watch the time turned
got stuck in 1969 but tols sally sparrow what to do
dreams of utopia were broken as face of boes words came true
with the master as prime minister you trully needed to save the day
then you said goodbye to martha then you were on your way

the tardis underwent a time crash you met doctor number five
wound up on the titanic where only a few came out alive
reunited with donna you met creetures made of fat and girth
then went to ancient rome when i volcano hit the earth
you found yourself in the cold on the planet of the ood
you stopped sontarans poisoning the atmosphere with clone food

then produced a daughter with very stunning looks
had an adventure with agatha christie just like her own books
went to the library with invisible monster that eat flesh
you would expierianced any of this if donna didnt turn left
davros and the daleks encountered rose and crew in battle mode
you said goodbye to donna so her head didnt explode

you met a man who thought he was a future you
went to the planet of the bed on a bus breaking through
you managed to stay dry in the waters of mars
then encountered a world full of masters in all the houses and cars
before you died the timelords came and you knew what to do
heres to the tenth doctor theres no one as brilliant as you

written 2nd january 2010