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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

the magic of the squared circle

this poem is dedicated to the glory days of american wrestling

the magic of the squared circle
by sean gould

theres lots of sports i like to see
but wrestlings a favorate for me
ive been a big fan since i was a kid
since the days of papa shango and psycho sid
i remember when kevin nash was big daddy cool
and doink the clown was playing the fool

when jerry lawler was the king
and honky tonk man ready to sing
hulk hogan tearing his shirt
ravishing rick rude was an A grade flirt
macho man randy savage with elizabeth his bride
and the undertaker with paul bearer by his side

the ultimate warrior giving the ropes a shake
jake roberts always had his pet snake
i remember when bob holly was called sparky plug
and sargeant slaughter was a military thug
earthquake finishing his opponents with a big splash
the million dollar man was flashing the cash

rowdy roddy piper was wearing his kilt
big john stud was massively built
dusty rhoades was the amercian dream
legion of doom were my favorate tag team
king kong bundy and kamalla were large
andre the giant with bobby the brain in charge

i remember the birdman koko b ware
and the nature boy the one and only ric flair
bret the hitman hart always wore pink and black
and davey boy smith drapped in a union jack
hacksaw jim duggan waving his two by four
the rock raises his eyebrow and leaves the crowd begging for more

stone cold steve austin never showed fear
he just stood on the turbuckle drinking his beer
jimmy snuka flies through the air he was trully an amazer
the late owen hart was known as the blue blazer
but wrestling has changed since the days of terry funk
nowadays we have randy orton and c m punk

chris jericho is y2j
he has lots of things to say
shawn micheals has been the heartbreak kid for many a year
john cena makes the young girls cheer
triple h is the game
the hardy boys are just the same

bad boy edge is rated R
JBL arrives in a limo car
big show is very large
the great khali is the size of a barge
about wrestling i know everything
i love watching my heroes in the ring

written 28th september 2008

Sunday, 28 September 2008

the cheek of some people

i still cant believe this
yestarday i was in wolverhampton shopping with a lady friend
we were hungry so we got a pasty and sat on some steps
we tucking in to our pastys and we were approached by a man
he was like"got any spare change?"
i said no
it honestly had nothing for him
he replied "you must have some in your wallet"
i said i hadnt
he was like "your only saying that because im black"
i was starting to get angry
he threatend me with violence then storm off
calling me a vile swear word
some people eh?

Saturday, 27 September 2008


middlesbrough 0 - wba 1
oh yes
one nil
tenth in the leauge
lovin it

Friday, 26 September 2008

the friday funny (fancy living on this street)

ok this ones a bit childish but i found it funny
a few drivers at work are raving about this
possibly the funniest street name in britain?
we think so
its a road in upton on seven in worcster
thanks to trigger for taking this picture

Thursday, 25 September 2008

as read at poetry wednesbury............its not all bad

another great poetry wednesbury meeting has passed
i the think the quality of poetry improves every month
i really enjoyed this months meeting
the group is full of good people
and i would once again like to thank bob for the lift home
cheers mate :)

heres one of the poems i read

this one was inspired by a conversation i heard in the queue in mcdonalds
it was between two youths and went a little somthing like this

youth 1; he robbed an old lady and stabbed someone innit
youth 2; yeah hes got a nice coat though

so i thought it would be a good idea for a poem

here it is

its not all bad
by sean gould

he brutally beat a jewish family
buring their house saying nazi quote
leaving them all for dead
yeah but hes got an amazing coat

he stole a car and went for a joyride
crashed leaving an elderly couple seriously hurt
he ran from the scene of the accident
yeah but he wears a very stylish shirt

he used to mug old ladies
frantically wielding a baseball bat
used to rob them of their pension
yeah but how cool is his hat?

she was involved in a drunken bar fight
leaving her victims a bloody mess
using a wkd bottle as a weapon
yeah but look out she fills out that dress

he robbed an off licence
taking all the ciggies and booze
selling them in local pubs
yeah but i love his shoes

shes known as a home wrecker
breaking up families without a care
then moves on to the next man
yeah but just look at her hair

he embessled money from his company
covering it up with bare faced lies
sending people to unemployment
yeah but hes got beautiful eyes

shes a convicted murderer
she killed her husband with a gun
she dosent feel an ounce of remorse
yeah but shes got a tidy little bum

written 20th september 2008

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

hospital radio update

a few people have been asking how i have been getting on with my hospital radio
so i thought i would give you a bit of an update
ive now got my id badge as you can see
and ive been havin training
its been going really well
i got back in to it quite easy
its like riding a bike
should be on air sometime in october
on tuesdays at 8pm for a 2 hour show
we have spoke about the format
i am thinkin
first hour patient requests
second hour rock show
so thats all there is to tell so far
keep em peeled x

Monday, 22 September 2008

a TAXing day

so today i made it my mission to sort my council tax out
even though i was at work
it took me 20 mintes to get through
then i was on hold for half an hour
so i forced to give up
so naturelly i was anxious and edgey
so i tried 2 ask my boss if i could leave work early
he said no
by this point i was fuming
sometime past and he finally agreed
so i went up the council house at 3pm
had an half hour wait
but was in and out after that
i explained that my mom paid to months intallments yestarday
and now im infront on my payments
so the helpful fellow cancelled my final notice
and i no long have to pay £320
a weight of my mind
im now a happy bunny

Sunday, 21 September 2008

wont live this one down

wba 1 aston villa 2
not alot to say
knew it would happen
already had stick from villa fans at work
we didnt get any midlands pride
at leat we got a goal

Saturday, 20 September 2008

the day from hell

its very rare i have moan on the blog
but today im gonna do just that
my day has been what i can only decribe as shitty
it started as soon as i woke up
i recieved a text from a special lady(one i write a lot of my finest poetry about) she cancled our lunch date
cant say im suprised
oh well
then about five minutes later i spilled black ink over my beloved west bromwich albion duvet cover(which is going round the washing machine for the second time still not come out)
and the third and final blow....
i recieved a lovley little letter from the council tax department
saying because of late payments (which i struggle to pay anyway) there are canceling my monthly scheme and want £320 by wednesday
i aint got that money
theres a number you can call if you cant pay
so i will call them monday and see what happens
so needless to say i have not been in the best of moods today
hopfully everything will be fine
i worry too much

Friday, 19 September 2008

the friday funny (mr chips gets freaky)

sorry for the lack of blog last night
was just wiped out from work
but hey its the weekend
so i wanna start a new segment on this blog
the friday funny

this one is an out take from the game show catchprase
funny funny
check it out

theres a countdown one but ithink its too rude to post on here

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

a birthday message for my little sis

today is my sisters birthday
so i wrote her a poem

to michelle on her 19th birthday
by sean gould

happy birthday to you
my lovley little sis
ive wrote you another poem
i just could not resist

you are ninteen
hip hip hooray

so i hope you have lots of fun
and get lots of lovley gifts
and i will be extra nice to
incase i need a lift

so go out and have a drink
and be happy as can be
but dont pickle your kidney
because thats reserved for me

written 13 september 2008

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

......and i only went to spend a penny

last week i spent a lot of time in birmingham
meeting various friends
inbetween meeting i took the oppertunity to walk around one of my favorate geek shops
but after 2 minutes of browsing i was hit with the might urge to go to the toilet
so i ran out the shop
ran over the road
to one of those new "pay as you go" toilet booths
so i inserted my 10p
just to do as nature intended
so put my money in
nothin happens
then another 10p
the door opens
so i get in there
press the button to close the door
it closed
then opened
then closed
then opened
and so on
i was getting fed up with this
so i just left
i was sooooo desperate
so i went into a nearby bar
and toddled off to the loo
i heard a voice
you cant use our toilet if you dont have a drink
so i went to the bar paid one pound for a coke
drank the fastest ive ever drank in my life
then i made it to the loo
ooooh heaven
it cost me £1.20p
i only went to spend a penny

Monday, 15 September 2008

a boyhood dream comes true

picture if you can
your very own romantic geek
as an hormonal fifthteen year old
im sure we have all been there
every one had there pin ups
that celebrity we spent our teenage years lusting over
mine was wwe female wrestler lita (real name any dumas)
she made me aware of the ladies as a spotty geeky lad
i dreamed of meeting her
last thursday
i did
oh yes
shes long since retired from wrestling
and now sings in a band called the luchagors
so me and a few mates went to check them out in brum last thurdsay
when see arrived on stage my jaw dropped
she was stunnig
and at the end of the show when she said she was gonna hang around 2 meet and geet afterwoulds
i nearly fainted
my chance to meet her
we shook hands
had our photo taken
i was way too awstruck to speak 2 her
thats a joke
oh well
i met her
next time i might even speak

Sunday, 14 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC the final word.........i promise

ok its as they say the end of the road for the death magnetic blog
the good news is the album entered the charts at number one

as ive been counting down to the release of metallicas DEATH MAGNETIC ALBUM i thought i would write a track by track review of the album
ok so here what i think

1.THAT WAS JUST YOUR LIFEstarts of with a heartbeat effect and goes in to an almost creepy guitar lick then come the immense cruching riffs.
yes my friends METALLICA HAVE RETURNED!!!!!
then james step up with the vocals.
crunching verses
excellant chorus
alot like the song "motorbreath" from 1983s kill em all album
then halk throgh kirk delivers a bone cruncher of a solo
what a great start to a great album

familiar intro
the intro was played on the bands 2006 tour as part of a song dubbed "the new song" which was a really good song
sadly the intro is the only thing that survived of the song which to be honest dosent really matter as this version is good anyway
the intro gives way into some seriously good guitar work and some mega crunching riff
this song is to me instantly catchy
the guitars cruch all the way through
james voice is the strongest if heard in a long time
personally i really love the chorus on this song
YOUVE REACHED THE END OF THE LINE james sings with classic hetfield charm
a great crunch intrusmental break lights this song up
then theres a lovley bridge part james sing beautifully slow
utters the words "the slave becomes the master"
repeats harder and harder
great stuff
what way to end a great song
one of my favorates on the album

this one dosent beat around the bush
a great fusion of guitars riffs its great musical value
and once again james voice is on top form
the vocal melody of this is almost a bouncy feel
"you rise you fall youre down and you rise again"
it really rolls of the tongue if you ask me
its hard to listen to this without banging youre head
its crunches like a box of crisp under a stampede of rhinos

of course this was the first single from the album
and what a single it it
its haunting guitar intro pulls you in
and the lovley licks that follow leave you there begging for more
then we get a lovley little solo
then james starts singing
this mans voice melts me
he could sing baba black sleep and the hairs on the back of my neck would still stand on end
this song was the perfect choice has everything you need for a perfect rock
serene guitars
piercing riffs
mad drums
soft vocals hard vocals

another one of my favorates
an almost mysterious intro
creates the air of mystery
but then it crunches into a pure feast of metal
this is old school metallica
growls james
then it kicks into one of finest heavy metal songs ive heard it a very long time

another corker
robs bass really shines through on this track
its a good old sing along metallica song
excllent chrous
"suicide ive already died just the funeral ive been waiting for"
its a good old finger tapper
theres no question of the bands musical abillity
but this track turns it up a notch
then we have a fantastic bridge
where james asks
"say is that rain or are they tears?"
a total change of tempo
then business picks up again
kirk peels out a blinding solo
again back into the hard vocals
another piece of perfection

third of the mighty trilogy
theres no question the first two unforgiven songs are pure metallica classics
the first which was featured on the bands 1991self titled fith album (known commonly as the black album) is a self pitying grind on a mans sorry existance
the second feautured on 1997s reload album was more of a tragic love song
but both started with an almost spaghetti western affect
and both cointain the line "what ive felt what ive known" in the chorus
so of course thats what we came to expect from the third offering
but man where we wrong
it starts with a purley melodic pinao and violin combo and the horns in the back ground slightly remanicant of the 1991 orignal
but thats where the similarites end
robs steps up to the plate and shows why hes one of the world greatest bass players
the the singing starts
i love singing this song
its slighty moving but brilliant
then the chorus starts
"how can i be lost if ive got nowhere to go? search the seas of gold how come its got so cold?how can i be lost? in remberance i i relive how can i blame you when its me i cant forgive?"
this song can only be called one thing
half way through u here james bruding
forgive me
forgive me not
then kirk burts into possibly the greatest guitar solo of all time
the song ends as great as it started
in my eyes the best track on the album by far
but nothing like the first two unforgivens
its better if you ask me

starts crunchingly
and crunches through boldy for over seven minutes
fast pace vocals
fast guitars
one blistering song

an instrumental
im not really big on intrumentals
i like a good sing along to be fair
but honestly its not a bad instrumental
it displays how talented the band are
but there was no question of that

the final song makes sure the album ends with fire works
an old fashioned metal stomper
with shade of 1983s "whiplash "
and this is the song on the album that references DEATH MAGNETIC
posibly the hardest track on the alum
what a way to end it

in my eyes the album is amazing
best they have done in years
cant wait for next one

Saturday, 13 September 2008

finally a win

wba 3-west ham 2

finally 3 lovley points

we have won

its nice to write that

i thought we would lose being zolas first game

but there we go

a win

boing boing

Friday, 12 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC the day has come

ok the day has arrived
metallicas death magnetic album officially it the shops today
but of course it was met with conversy
the album was billed for a september 12th release
a record store in france released it week early
and it was leeked on the internet for anyone to download
then yestarday a high street uk store decided to start selling it early
then all other shops followed suit
i must admit i got mine yestarday
it didnt ruin mine and my mate bucks listening party today
we cranked up the music
and the album is soooo good
buck paid £75 for the coffin box set (which im pictured with as well as my £10 cd)
hope you enjoyed my countdown
it was well worth it
blog will now be back normal
however death magnetic album review coming soon

Thursday, 11 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 1 day to go

the day is nearly here
death magnetic arrives tomorrow
so im gonna leave a little treat to wet tour appetites
a live version of THE DAY THAT NEVER COMES

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 2 days to go

ok 2 days to go
no goodies today
but a bit of news
some dates for your diary

Sunday, September 14 -
An intimate gig at the BBC Radio Theatre . . . again, if you're a Clubber, check the site for details on how to win tickets.

Monday, September 15 -
FIVE hours of special coverage on Radio 1 including interviews with the guys and a broadcast of the show from the night before. You can listen live to these programs or listen at your leisure for seven days afterwards online at www.bbc.co.uk/radio1.
And of course it's the night of the second "Death Magnetic" release party at the 02 Arena. Unfortunately, this show is now sold out.

Tuesday, September 16 -
The band visits "Later with Jools Holland" and there is a live 'taster' show that night on BBC2 from 10-10:30pm with the band playing one track. The full hour long show goes out on Friday, September 19 on BBC2 11:30pm, followed by a repeat of the Metallica "Culture Show" special.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 3 days to go

with only 3 days to go heres an advert to remind us what its all about

Monday, 8 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 4 days to go

ok another treat for you

heres a behind the scenes clip of the making of death magnetic

Sunday, 7 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 5 days to go

so the countdown continues
heres another little treat


Saturday, 6 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 6 days to go

ok just 6 days left til the release of death magnetic
and for todays treat
heres your chance to listen to broken beat and scarred

Friday, 5 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 1 week to go

oh yeah
the countdown has begun
on a week
and to celebrate this i will be feeding you a daily dose of death magnetic goodness up until friday when the album is released
heres todays
all nightmare long


ok so tonight is the end of big brother
and last night i was ranting about how i didnt want rex to win
so who do i want to win?
well the picture will tell you that
of course its MIKEY
the mans a legend
people say its just the symphathy vote as he is blind
bit as not for me
i just think hes brill
hes honest
he say what he thinks
hes soo funny
and most importantly hes the only one in the house who has been himself all the way through

thats my last word on big brother
i promise

Thursday, 4 September 2008

this moron should not win big brother

big brother ends tomorrow
thank god
but this year most of them have really got on my wick
but none more so than this fella
hes the most arogant little turd ive ever come across
hes smug
and just plain rude
the way he talks to people is vile
his gifriend came into the house he acted like a total bunny boiler
he brags thats he doest need the money
he owns 3 restruants
if hes so rich
why is he so desperate to win the prize money?
this man should not win

and who do i want to win?
i will tell you tomorrow

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 9 days to go...

just over a week
until metallica release their death magnetic album
i cant waits
lots of death magnetic goodness to come
but now enjoy the video for the day that never comes

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

back on the airwaves

first off i wanna apologise that due to techincal difficulties there was no blog yestarday
anyway just a short one today
a bit of news
im due for a return to the airwaves
im making a return to sandwell hospital radio eight years after parting company
i had an interview on saturday
i have already been given a show
start my training saturday
should be taking on the tuesday night slot in the next few weeks