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Monday, 30 November 2009

lets try again shall we?........

hi again
its been way too long
almost a year would you believe
ive had a few emails (well one) asking when im gonna blog again
well im sorry and i plan to be back for good

a lot has happened since i last blogged
too much
some of the stuff would of made great blogs too
so ill give you a bit of a recap

i read at this years saint georges march in stone cross
and at sandwell valley the day before
i got to rub shoulders with keith chegwin

i self published a little booklet of my poetry
and i am now working on my sencond one

i also am 75 quid lighter in the pocket
as a couple of months ago i was collared by sandwell over enthusiastic litter patrol
but dont get me started on that

and i recently had swine flu
not nice

and i also acheived my proudest moment as a poet
i wrote one for my musical hero and read it to his face
there is video footage of this
its too good not to share
so it appear in a future blog

so thats about it from my first blog back
i got lots of ideas to get this blog up and running again

so keep em peeled

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