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Sunday, 31 August 2008

welcome to the promised land

ok its sunday
i like to post a poem on sunday
heres a new one
its about the state of the world to today

welcome to the promised land
by sean gould

welcome to the promised land
where arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand
children in the bushes smoking weed
and one in five people face poverty and need
but the people in power just dont care
sitting with whiskey and cigars in their chair

the credit crunch is hitting us all
the world is heading for a financial fall
we take for granted everything that we buy
but now the prices are way too high
with this monitry presure its hard just to chill
when worrying how to pay every bill

thugs on the street make you scared to go out
with the fear of being attacked by a lout
anything valuble they will happily grab it
just to feed that nagging drug habbit
a night on the tiles isnt always a laugh
as it often ends in alcohol fuelled wrath

in every country its worse than before
as it seems the world is ready for war
ready to fight over some oil
killing each other and to the winner the spoil
and the great mister bush has to have his say
using the world as puppets just to do things his way

no jobs for the people who are willing to work hard
do anything to get their name on a clocking on card
many desperate to be on the payroll
as they have had enough of life on the dole
but some people it suits them just fine
spending their giros on ciggies and wine

struggling to survive the day to survive the day to day grind
looking for a better life that you never seem to find
some of us know we will never have a lot
and we must really accept what we have got
so life will never turn out the way that we planned
welcome to the promised land

written 26th august 2008

Saturday, 30 August 2008

oh well its a point

bolton 0 wba 0

still no goals
no win
we didnt hand megson his arse on a plate
buts its still a ponit
were 2nd from bottom though
hope things get better

Friday, 29 August 2008

introducing the new sensation.....TROCK

ok heres the story of trock
its started off with wrock
which means wizard rock
which was songs about harry potter
now some guy on you tube has invented trock
timelord rock
songs about doctor who
i think this is a great idea

so heres the inventor with more details

Thursday, 28 August 2008

as read at poetry wednesbury............never kissed a girl

tonight was another great poetry wednesbury meeting
great as always
heres a poem i read

never kissed a girl
by sean gould

dweebs and geeks
meet up in drobes
talking of lazer beems
and sonic probes

faces of spots
and breath of garlic
the only thing they ever groped
is a remote control dalek

no strangers to big words
they quote them all with passion
the only words they dont know
are street cred and fashion

sadly these guys
wouldnt know what to do with an erection
the only thing that exites them
is their comic book collection

most of these poor nerds
have never had a lover
some of them are forty five
and still live with their mother

some of them cant get a lady
because of their nerdy looks
the only thing they take to bed
are harry potter books

they are too obsessed with aliens
from another world
that is why these dorks
have never kissed a girl

i suppose im just like them
but in one way im unique
i guess im the worlds only
sexually aware geek

written 15th august 2008

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

is this britains most obnoxious man?

this is minor celebrity iain lee
you may reconise him
then again you may not
but this man is the most self absorbed vile specimens my poor ears have ever had the misfortune to listen to
he presents a number of podcasts and radio shows
but he shouldnt be allowed on air
his attitude towards people is disgusting
he cuts callers off and calls them idiots
when they have done nothing wrong
theres lots of vile things this cretin says to people who listen to his show and put food on his table
people call him up to speak to him on is show and he just rubbishes them
like one time a young lady goes live on webcam to speak with him
he as the nerves to call this girl a "minger"
then he had an asian man on the fone
this a*sehole turn round and say that he probably smells as washing is against his religion
and im not the only one who thinks his actions are vulger
a few weeks back a lady called his show to confront him of hios attitude
he just made her look small
anyone who dosent agree with him he just cuts the phone line off on them and calls them an idiot
theres on one idiot here mr lee
and thats YOU!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

can you believe it?

harlepool 3 wba 1
utter crap
somthing has to be done

DEATH MAGNETIC 17 days to go

hello again
im here to feed you with more death magnetic goodness
you lucky lucky people
only seventeen days to go
ooh the excitment

metallica played stunning sets at the reading and leeds festival
there was a behind the scenes feature and an interview with lars on sundays bbc3 footage
and the complete reading set will be on bbc 3s red button service all day friday
plus there is a live video from leeds of the day that never comes
i may post this one day if youre lucky

and on bbc 2 this sunday night there will be a culture show special behind the scenes of death magnetic its starts at 11.20pm

and finally..........................

the band have previewed the track my apocalypse

here it is

Monday, 25 August 2008

killer quotes

i wanted to start this as regular segment.
but people say the funniest things
so i wanna post some quotes that make me chuckle

the first one was from big brother the other night

(best said in a geordie accent)

"12.15pm and the housemates are playing football with a ball made out of sanitary towels"

quite resourcefull

but the best one was one i heard one the way to the match on saturday

picture the scene

i just stepped off the tram
was walking behind a gang of lads who looked like they had been on the beer all day
the police was at the exit as always
one was a young girl
no much older than 20
one of those lads turned round and said

"if yo wor a copper od shag ya"


Sunday, 24 August 2008

a poem by request

so recently ive been doing a lot of poems for occasions
my little ten year old cousin was down here from newcastle
she read them and asked me to do one for her
so here it is

perris poem
by sean gould

little cousin perri
has come down to stay
i wouldnt say shes shy
infact she has a lot to say

when i walk in
she calls me lots of names
shes usually on the computer
playing sallys salon and other girlie games

she pulls lots of faces
that are very silly
she plays in the garden
with the dogs bonnie and billy

she helps auntie shona tidy up
and she works very well
then she will make cakes and biscuits
in the kitchen with michelle

then of a night time
she watches wrestling with uncle mark
then shes goes to sleep in her pink room
now that it is dark

shes been here for two whole weeks
and soon she will be gone
and i will think that ive gone deaf
when i walk into my moms

so heres to you perri
with your brother jack
this poem was wriiten by your cousin
the one you call fudge pack
written 23rd august 2008

Saturday, 23 August 2008

may the best team lose

Wba 1 everton 2

i was at the football this afternoon
we lost :(
but i must say we were the best team though
so im starting to dread the rest of the season
relegation here we come

Friday, 22 August 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 3 weeks to go...

ok sorry but its another death magnetic post

but now theres only 3 weeks to go
i couldnt be more excited

theres a lovley metallica feature in todays sun
plus there playing the leeds festival tonight and reading tomorrow
no doubt there will be tv footage

and now to the real business
as i said in the previous DM post that song the day that never comes hit the airwaves yestarday
wanna hear it?
and how can i say no to you


the actual video coming soon ...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

a waste of a day

bloody hell
what a crap pointless day
i booked the day off work losing my 20 pound bonus as at 9.30 a council visitor was gonna come to my humble home and discuss future home improvements
unfortunatly the girl who was due to come was involved in a road accident
and the meeting was cancelled
so i day at my disposal
.......and what did i do?
naff all
how boring

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 23 days to go..

heres another update on the forthcoming metallica album death magnetic

the band will be playing a gig at londons o2 arena on september 15th and tickets cost wait for it....................£5
thats right just a fiver
(but sadly its for fan club members only)
and im not in fan club :(

and in other news
the single the day that never comes will hit radio waves tomorrow
i will keep you posted

and finally ..........................

theres a live video of the song cyanide has been doing the rounds
here it is

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

doing my bit for THE pUBLIC

to be honest i have been a sceptic of the public building
however a few weeks ago i had the chance to see it for myself
i went to see a friend and fellow poet geoff stevens read his poetry there
to be honest i wasnt too impressed with the place
the didnt really organise geoffs gig very well
no mic
people speaking on phones
and kids running around
so all in all the place didnt impress me
but who knows it may grow on me
everyone seems to be writing poems about the public
so i decided to have a go
however the only thing i could focus on is the fact that it was once a bus station

the old bus station
by sean gould

now west brom has a public gallery
the black countrys answer to the tate
i remember when it was a bus station
where i used to catch the 78

every week as a child
we would catch the bus there
whilst helping mom carry her shopping
out of the queens square

she would give me some money
to go and buy some cakes
whilst she went in preedies
for a packet of fakes

as you walk into the station
you would be hit by a smell
it is an odour
i remember very well

smells like that
you can never forget
a combination
of urine and sweat

inside the station
theres a variety of folk
a mixture of the black and the white
the rich and the broke

two old ladies gossip
until there hearts content
whilst a cider soaked man
sings a drunken lament

a waiting man
unwraps a toffee
and a resting bus driver
drinks a well earned coffee

a little old lady
struggles with her bags
whilst young teenagers
experiment with fags

of course the toilets
were the worst in west brom
but now like the station
there flattened and gone

now the public building
proudly stands there
the home of the artist
and the culturally aware

theres no staggering drunks
with bottles of booze
no smoking teenagers
and no dirty smelly loos

so why dont you come in
and take a look around
a little piece of culture
in west bromwich town

written 29th july 2008

Monday, 18 August 2008

an optical illusion...

this came to my attention sometime ago
this is a leaflet advertising travel insurance provided by a well known supermarket chain
i dont think they use these anymore
but take a close look and see if you can spot a familiar face
i dont know if hes meant to be there

(heres a clue look closley at the sombreo)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

lets get sentimental

poor me
just done a days work with a terrible hangover
the reason of that hangover was my sisters engagement party
what a night!!
of course i wrote a poem for ocassion
and i read it out in front of the whole party
my biggest crowd yet

anyway heres the poem

engagement of my little sis
by sean gould

now im getting older
i really feel my age
im feeling bloody ancient
now my baby sister has got engaged

i remember when she has a friend called jamie
who no one else could see
now shes made a new friend
by the name of ste

it only seems five minutes
since she was a little girl
but now she has grown
into a beautiful woman of the world

now shes bending poor stes ear
and giving me a rest
but ste you are lucky man
and i wish you both the best

sometimes me and michelle dont get on
i can be mouthy and loud
but i love my little sister
she makes me very proud

so ste be nice to her
because with her you are stuck
so happy engagement to both of you
i wish you the best of luck
written 15th august 2008

Saturday, 16 August 2008

wasnt that bad was it

arsenal 1 wba 0
not that bad
i was expecting 3-0
oh well
just hope we get a win

Friday, 15 August 2008

THE PREMIERSHIP(1 day to go)

oh yes
the waiting is over
tomorrow the premiership football season starts all over again
and of course im excited
as my beloved west brom will apart of it
however our first game is away to arsenal :(
cant say i fancy our chances
oh well
im gonna make some predictions for the season
i think the baggies will stay up(fingers crossed)
man utd will win the league
hull stoke and either blackburn or bolton for the drop
not west brom
definatley not
well i hope not anyway

Thursday, 14 August 2008

queen of the road

today im a very proud brother
my sister passed her driving test
i wrote a poem

the queen of the road
by sean gould

you have been trying hard to pass your test
i thought you might explode
and you have done it
and its time to hit the road

i know its been frustrating
these things always are
now you look a picture
sitting in your car

i remember when you rode round the block
on your little purple bike
but now you have a green car
and can go anywhere you like

you can go shopping
and buy yourself a frock
or you could drive to blackpool
but dont forget my rock

you will be driving daily
to your job at kfc
if theres any chicken left
bring some home for me

you must save some money
as petrol costs a load
so lets raise a glass
to michelle queen of the road

written 14th august 2008

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

someone cut off my tongue and fingers..................please

what a mess
last week i got my mobile phone bill
a total of £119.28p
oh dear
you can imagine the shock
on my contract im allowed 500 text messages
i sent 1078

and today i got my landline bill
poor me

im gonna start using pigoens and smoke signals

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 1 month to go

hello there

to most of you todays blog is gonna seem like a load of nonesense

but there may be some out there that will know exactly what i am babbleing on about

oh the excitement

just one month to go

oh yes

on the 12th of september 2008 METALLICA my favorate rock band are releasing their 8th studio album untitled DEATH MAGNETIC

i really cant wait

me and my best friend buck are booking the day off work just to go out and buy the cd

ooh yes

the excitment is building

but theres still alot we dont know

but what we do know is the art work which is pictured above

and the track listing

The complete track listing is below:

That Was Just Your Life

The End Of The Line

Broken, Beat & Scarred

The Day That Never Comes

All Nightmare Long


The Unforgiven III

The Judas Kiss

Suicide & Redemption

My Apocalypse

and we also know that the unforgiven III is the follow to the 1991 hit the unforgiven and 1997s the unforgiven II both great songs so i have high hopes for this one

and finally we know that the first single will be the day that never comes and aparrently a video is on the way

so keeps looking and ill keep you posted on the blog

remember you heard it here last

Monday, 11 August 2008

the duke of dudleys official birthday

another birthday message im afraid

this one is for a work colleague
a man so proud of his dudley roots
and he insist that dudley is the heart of the black country
i give him banter and say that west brom is
he also has a think for certain quiz show queen

as tomorrow is his birthday
i decided to write him a poem

the duke of dudleys official birthday
by sean gould

its that time again
colins birthday has come around
and hes off to celebrate
in his dear old dudley town

hes gonna go and have a drink
at his local pub the lamp
he has himself a pint or ten
then staggers down the ramp

he puts money in the juke box
and plays some rock n roll
hes well respected
as hes the only one in dudley who isnt on the dole

he get home
and goes up to his room
looks at pictures of carol vorderman
and dreams of prodding her womb

he end the day by doing the clockword
to test the brain in his head
then he takes is glasses off
and goes to sleep in bed

so happy birthday colin
i hope you have a good one
this poem was written in the black country
yes you guessed it west brom

Sunday, 10 August 2008

a special poem for a special lady

hello there
sorry again for the lack of blogs
but gonna try and post daily from today
today is my moms birthday
so heres a poem i wrote for her

happy birthday mom
by sean gould

today i the anniversary
of the day that you were born
you shona wife of mark
mother of michelle and sean

and we know
that you will always be there
when we need
some love and care

the 10th of august comes again
so put up your feet and rest
another birthday comes around
and i hope this ones the best

you know we love you lots
and are gratefull of everything you do
i just wanna end this little verse
by saying happy birthday to you

hope you like it guys im gonna take it round there now

ill post a new blog tomorrow i promise