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Thursday, 31 July 2008

i know its been a long time ..... but here we go

hi there
sorry its been so long
ive just been so busy
been doing night shifts etc.....
and i had big things planned for this blog
however im back in the drivers seat and ready to blog once more
im gonna go try and make this a daily blog
got lots of lovley little segments planned
so watch this space
anyway enough the babble

lets get blogging ......

it came to my attention recently that local old folks home had closed down
to be honest i was a little disturbed about this
i couldnt help but wonder where the residents have gone
so i left it to my imagination
and wrote a poem

noras ark
by sean gould

the local home
for folks that are old
the wise and heroic
the brave and the bold

but due to a facelift
in the nearby town
the time has come
for the place to close down

naturally the resident were upset
with dismay
these old troopers
didnt wanna move away

many of these people
had been there for many a year
then an old girl nora piped up
"hey guys i have an idea"

"if you want a better life"
"why dont you come with me"
"we should all build a boat"
"and sail off to sea"

they gathered round her
and they all agreed
and they started work
at a suprising speed

sid and bill
went to fetch some wood
and john with a dodgey hip
helped as best as he could

burt worked hard
with a hammer in his hands
whilst betty in her wheelchair
was holding all the plans

gilbert added windows
to let in the sun
ethal with arthritus
wasnt having much fun

norman put up a roof
to keep off the rain
whilst florance was shouting orders
from her zimmer frame

these pensioners worked their hardest
to get the boat ready
working at a pace
that was far from steady

they packed up and left
waved their carers farewell
the last ones to leave
were tom frank and nell

the boat stood there
the pride of the dock
the passengers arrived in their best
cardigans and floral frocks

they were glowing with excitment
their faces couldnt hide
the boat started the journey
as they waved goodbye with pride

they hadnt smiled this much in 80 years
i just just wish that you could see em
they are happy sunning it up
in the caribeen

noras idea worked out well
it was one that couldnt lose
she became the inventor
of the worlds first over 80s cruise

written 28th july 2008

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

a bit of a serious one

before i start this post just wanna do a bit of house keeping as the say.
pet sitting duties are over and im home.
i wouls also like to thank bob for his blog advice.
and hopefully the dates will work now.

anyway on to the blog.

im a little bit concerned.
the amount of knife crime on the streets.
but it really hit home last week when it happened only 5 minutes away from where i live .

so i wanted to do somthing.
so i wrote a little piece.
not based on anybody.
take a look.

an account of the parent of a murder victim

all people can do is ask me is how i feel.
how do i feel?
how am i supposed to feel?
i only wish i knew.
it wasnt supposed to happen this way.
he was supposed to out live me.
i was supposed to grow old watching him become a man.
meeting a nice girl.
getting married.
having children.
he will never do any of this now.
just nineteen.
he was only nineteen years old.
no boy is meant to die at the age of nineteen.
he saw a girl in touble.
an abusive boyfriend.
he couldnt just stand there and watch.
could you?
he tried to help her.
then the so called "man" pulled out a knife.
he was only twenty one himself.
what right did he have to take my sons life?
nothing more than a child himself.
why did he even have a knife?
what is this world coming to?
does everyone carry a knife now?
my son didnt.
now hes dead.
my little boy.
in my eyes he died a hero.
he will always be with me.
everywhere i go his picture will go with me.
i will never forget him.
my boy.
my son.
my hero.

written 14th july 2008

Saturday, 5 July 2008

away from home

hello again
im writing this blog from a different location.
as for the next week im on house sitting duty.
im at my parents house whilst they take a well earned break.
so im in charge of dogs fish plants and pigeons for the next week.
the plan was to just relax on the patio and top up my tan.
but look at the weather.
hope it gets better.
on a plus side they left plenty of food and drink.
ive done nothing but eat and drink since i got here.
gawd help me.

pet patrol

hey there
im now half way through my week of house sitting duties.
things are going quite well.
the animals are behaving theirselves.
except for when billy tore is bed apart.
oh well.
and we saw a bit of sun yestarday.
oh joy.
i hope the summer shows its face before i go back to work.
im starting to miss my own bed.
my matress on the floor is not the same as my lovley double be.

ok i better go.
i havnt fed the dogs yet.
take care.
ill post soon.
and i leave you with a poem i wrote.
pet patrol
by sean gould
im on pet patrol duties
and im too tired to even talk
i have to get up at 5:30
to take billy for a walk

on the field he chases other dogs
hes looking for a fight
so i try and restrain him
hold him back wiith all my might

bonnie is pyning badly
shes really in a mood
she only leaves her basket
when she eats her food

watering the flowers
is a job i cannot bare
but the weather is so lousy
so mother nature is taking care

and to feed the pigeons
i have to climb a ladder
but being scared of heights
it does things to my bladder

i also look after the fish in the pond
give them something to munch
and i have to protect themw
hen the heron comes for lunch

so this house sitting lark
im starting to get the knack
but its me who will need a holiday
when they all come back
written 7th july 2008

memories of her

i havent got what you might call a photographic memory.
to be honest i couldnt even tell you what i had for breakfast this morning.
im the kind of person who would go to a football match on a saturday afternoon and will have forgotten the score by the time i got home.
but there are some things i can remember very clearly.
everything about her.
i remember fancying her from a far for almost a year.
even though i never knew her properly.
i remember how long it took me to convince her to come out with me.
and i remember jumping for joy when she finally agreed.
and that tram ride on the way to our first meeting will stick in my mind forever.
my heart pounding like the ghost of john bonham was doing a drum solo inside of me.
and then i got off the tram.
i saw her.
she was standing there with bright red hair and a bright red coat to match.
then she smiled at me.
it was the most beautiful smile i have ever seen.
my heart melted like an ice lolly on an hot august afternoon.
from that moment i was addicted.
she was my drug.
then she spoke.
one simple word.
one beautiful word.
just hello.
her voice was like the most beautiful song i ever heard.
it was like hearing your all your favorate singers together on one big beautiful stage singing all of your favorate songs at once.
as we walked through wolverhampton on a wet winter saturday afternoon it felt like summer in my heart.
i remember that first coffee we had together.
we had the most amazing chat.
we hit it off perfectly.
it was like we had known each other forever.
she was like every friend ive ever had rolled into one.
that day was perfect.
if you were to look up the phrase"perfect first date" this would be it,
i remember saying our goodbyes.
i did want to say goodbye.
as her bus pulled up she presented me with a painting she did for me.
it was inspired by one of my poems
that gesture meant te world to me.
that painting still remains one of my most treasured posessions.
i remember her bus pulling away.
as i waved her off i had four words in my head.
all the way home it rained.
i didnt care.
the tram was late.
i didnt care.
i recieved a text message saying my football team had lost.
i didnt care.
i felt like a winner.
so i just didnt care.
nothing could of brought me down.
i remember getting off the tram.
walking along the canal.
as i walked.
i couldnt help myself.
i just had to do it.
i just stood there opened up my arms and shouted.
fortunatley i was only heard by a rather confused looking mallard.
from that day i was smitten.
i wrote some of my best poetry.
all inspired by her.
she was my muse.
from there on it was great.
we texted each other hourly.
every time we met i thought i was in heaven.
i remember valentines day.
i had an annonymus card.
i knew it was from her.
i compared the writing to all the letters and cards she had sent to me before.
which i happily treasured.
and when my suspicions were confirmed of course i was delighted.
sadly i was working valentines night.
but the following saturday.
we made up for it.
she made the best meal i have ever tasted.
they say the way to a mans eart is through his stomach.
this would of been true.
but she had already won my heart.
after the meal.
i felt like a king.
with my red haired queen sitting next to me.
i remember that night with a tear in my eye.
it was the happiest i have ever been.
all those silly things we did over the following months.
i remember evrything so fondley.
silly little things.
just lying on the bed doing a wordsearch.
sweet little things like that make me smile.
the way she would play around with my science fiction colectable figures.
i would of killed anyone one else for doing the same.
but not her.
she could of gotten away with anything.
those little things we did.
shopping was fun.
we would go our own way in hmv.
and then at the chckout how we would laugh when we both brought the same dvd.
or how she would laugh when i was too embarassed to buy underpants infrot of her but she freely brought knickers with me by her side and i couldnt help picturing in her them.
and i couldnt stop laughing when she showed me her bra in a pub.
she was somthing else.
i loved every moment with her.
there was this one afternoon we made these great big chocolate deserts but we couldnt finish them as they were so sickley.
afterwards we sat watching bad comedy movies from our childhood.
and one of the best nights out i ever had was going to this really classy restruant with her.
and how she laughed at the fact i had never hd an irish coffee.
that coffee warmed my stomach.
she warmed my heart.
but not for much longer.
that night was one of the last times i ever saw her.
im not exactly sure what happened between us.
but i guess the bubbles in the champaigne go flat sooner or later.
but im just glad i got to feel the fizz of those bubbles for a short time.
i cant remember many things.
but i remember her.
how can i forget her?
i see girls i think are her all the time.
theres a word in every sentence that reminds me of her.
every song i hear.
i find something i can relate to her.
i still have the cards and letters she sent.
i look at the painting she gave me every day.
i still have her picture on my mobile phone.
we still occaisionally text each other.
as friends.
my heart still pounds every time we speak.
i remember her.
i remember how she made me feel.
i remember how it hurt when she said those three words.
lets be friends.
but i still remember her.
why would i want to forget her?


just a quick one to say that the dates are all messed up on here ive tried to rectify this.
so this is just test to see if it works.
if not im gonna have to try and fix it
sean the romantic geek

Friday, 4 July 2008

lost in translation

hi there
i just wanted to share a new poem that i wrote today.
ill explain the story behind it.
theres this new eastern european girl started at my work.
shes very beautiful and i have been admiring her from a far.
anyways she cant speak a word of english but ive been trying my charm.
and tuesday she walks up to me and places her mobile on piece of paper in my hand.
however this is not an english number so i cant use this number without a certain code but there really isnt any point as neither one of us speaks the others language so its gone down hill from there on.
so it fell at the first hurdle.
oh well.
anyway heres the poem .

lost in translation
by sean gould

whats a poor boy
to do?
when he doesnt
have the same mother tongue as you

you are such a catch
you really look so fine
but you speak in a language
that just isnt mine

you dont understand
anything you are told
even your mobile number
has a foreign dialing code

i try to be nice
and you think im being rude
all the lovley words i say
seem to get you in a mood

at times i think i upset you
but not sure if i do
because you dont understand
when i try to ask you

im looking for little signals
but theres nothing i can find
to be honest i have enough trouble
reading an english womans mind

written 4th july 2008

incidentally the lady in question has become rather close to a polish guy who works at our place.
well you win some you lose some.
anyway i better go and throw some clothes in a bag as for the next week im house sitting for my parents.
i hope they have beer:)
take care

oh p.s
you may have noticed i have changed the name of this blog to the romantic geek.
i felt it had to be done.
i really should of named the blog that in the first place.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

my first blog

hi there.
i would like to welcome you to my very first blog.
this one is just a short one to say hi and to tell you all what to expect.
ive been reading the blog of friend and fellow poet bob and thought id have a go and do a blog myself.
i will try and post a blog at least twice a week and i will be writing just general observations and as im a poet i will post the odd poem.
which leads me nicely to a little poem i thought i would end this blog with.
its one i have just jotted down .
its about posting my first blog and not knowing what to write.
so enjoy and i will post a brand new blog in the next few days.

the burdens of bloggdom
by sean gould

my first ever blog
no idea what to write
shall i write funny words and clever stuff
to give you all delight

shall i tell you about my life
to help you pass your time
shall i put down my feelings
and turn them into rhyme

so what to put in this little blog
i havnt got a clue
but whatever that i provide
i do it just for you

written 1st july 2008