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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

been in the workshop

this past saturday i attended an event in wednesbury called creative community
i took part in a writers workshop
i was taught a great new way of writing
what happened was one person was given a picture
the other person couldnt see that picture
then the other person would give five descriptions for the other to write down

my five were

glazes tiles
guilt lettering
borded up

then we had to write two sentances on each description inter linking them to the next one

and when that was finished we had to read them over and keep adding to it until we had a complete piece of work

so here is my finished article

by sean gould

no pennies down the back of the old sofa that had been thrown out onto the cold wet street
nothing more than a mouldy custard cream and the batteries to the tv remote
but the tv is no longer there just a smashed old record player that has not been played since buddy holly realeased his last single
a few old glazed tiles have dropped on to the sofa all cracked chipped and broken
long past their best
just like that guilt lettering on the pub across the pub across the road
it has now lost the shine of its former glory now caked in dust and dirt and the residue from the exhaust fumes from passing cars
but its been a long time since any car has driven down this road
the pub itself is boarded up
the last pint was served here years ago
gone are the days when it was the place to be
packed to the rafters on a friday night
full of laughing people smoking and talking over the noise of the juke box whilst people play pool and a crowd gather to watch a big darts game
but now the place is deserted no one there except the odd stray cat and a family of rats
the jukebox lies on its side all smashed up all the record have gone except for one bannanarama single that has been skimmed across the room
but the dartboard still remains
there are no darts though
the lamp floats infront of the dartboard dangling from an electrical cable
but the power was cut some time ago
the surrouding area is a mass of grey
the fields are no longer the lavish green they once were
the grass has been replaced by concrete and rubble
a place where children played football and where people walked their dogs has now become a building site soon to be the location of luxuary apartments
home to a new generation of families
is this progress?
or will history repeat itself?

written 5th december 2009

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Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

now that's better. I'm still vommiting over the last post. Yuk