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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

my proudest moment as a poet

heres somthing that happened in july
somthing that made me quite proud
im a huge fan of the band the wildhearts
and their singer ginger is somewhat of a hero to me
and i was lucky enough to meet him in may
and to my suprise he was such a nice bloke
so then i was inspired to write a poem dedicated to him
i wrote a poem consisting of references to his songs
then in july we had went to see him perform live in birmingham
so i took a copy of the poem and was planning to throw it on stage or somthin
but just before the show i saw my mate buck talking to a roadie
then during the show the said roadie picked me out of the crowd
next thing i know i was on stage stange next to my hero
reading the poem
he seemed to lik it
i was so proud of myself
i must admit i was a little emotional aferwards

here is the video of my reading


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

good to have ya back mate but I can't open your videos.

sean gould said...

im here to stay bob
dunno why u cant mate its just a standard you tude link