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Monday, 7 December 2009

for a special lady

lately ive deveploped a bit of school boy crush
every evening i sit there waiting for the local weather
just get my daily look at weather girl the beautiful lucy kite
infact she inspired me to write a poem

an ode to the mind blower from the met office
by sean gould

heres to you dear lucy kite
the girl who makes the weather bright
providing me with daily delight
talking of celsius and farenheit

i trully am you biggest fan
nobody does the weather like you can
with your shiny hair and slight tan
how i crave to be your man

every evening you make my heartrate rise
just by looking into your eyes
and the little way you waggle your thighs
but would you go for a man of my size?

at six twenty you look so well
with the forecast that you tell
even if its a frozen hell
you give my heart a sunny spell

your the best part of the central news show
i watch five nights in a row
i feel sad everytime you go
but dont ask me the weather cos i dont know

written 30th november 2009


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

luv the poem but the subject matter? you need to get out more

sean gould said...

haha thought you would say that :)