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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

merry christmas from the romantic geek

its christmas
by sean gould

the birth of christ over two thousand years since
and we celebrate with pies of mince
we embrace each december with so much joy
and a sack full of goodies for every girl and boy
delivered by santa with cheeks red and bright
with his sleigh and reindeer he flies through the night

wake up christmas morning postively glowing
and look out the window to see if its snowing
then open up gifts from family and friends
some that you like and some you just pretend
family drop in throughout the day
laugh over drinks and party games you play

sit with at the table and tuck into a feast
stuffing your face like a savage beast
then you eat a pudding or four
then gauge on chocolates when you dont need anymore
can barely move because you are so well fed
so you sit watching telly until its time for bed

you think about christmas and it fill you with pride
the time of year that warms you up inside
you want the season to last forever
bringing both friends and strangers together
so i end this with a message of cheer
i wish you a great christmas and a happy new year

written 16th december 2009

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Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

and a very haoot Christmas from me.