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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

20 bloody 12

today i had a can of coca cola (the official drink of the london 2012 olympic games)
i saw someone eating a mars bar (the official chocolate bar of london 2012)
i was in a shop and saw a tube of pringles(the official snack of london 2012)
at work at lunch time a coleague was eating mcdonalds (the official sponsor of london 2012)
im a member of hsbc bank(the official bank of london 2012)
well.... if its still in business by then
is it me or is too early to think of 2012?
its 2008
there was a games this year
in my eyes over shadowed by 2012
sick of hearing it already
a lot could happen in four years
we might not be hear
two words
partical exellerator!!

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