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Thursday, 16 October 2008

ill leave you with this

heres the thing
im going away for a few days
so this is my last blog until monday
so im gonna leave you with this poem

glory days
by sean gould

the glory days of willow the wisp
when you could taste the flavour on your crisp
when ponty pandy was proctected by fireman sam
and postman pat still had his big red van
when gary coleman was in different strokes
when people still laughed at jim davisons jokes

before jamie oliver was on the tv
the big celebrity chef was rusty lee
when saturday telly was jimmy cricket and little and large
when the england football team won games with bobby robson in charge
ghostbusters and goonies were the films of the day
and credit crunch were words we just didnt say

when danger mouse had penfold by his side
when prince charles took as his first bride
barrymore was the entertainment king
when telephones had only one ring
when pot noodles still tasted good
when a walt disney fox played robin hood

leslie crowther hosted stars in their eyes
when kingsize mars bars were really king size
the days before marathans were called snickers
when nora batty had wrinkled stockings and bog frilly knickers
and roy walker hosted catchphrase
oh yes my friends those were the glory days

written 9th october 2008


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Brilliant as usual. I look forward to our next meeting

sean gould said...

cheers bob
i dont know why but its seemed so long since our last meeting