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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

whatever happened to..........bella emberg?

hello all
before i start
would like to apologise for the lack of blogs over the last week
lots of personal problems going on
and i was working nights
so im hoping to get back on track
saying that im going away for the weekend so there will be another small gap
ok then
in todays blog
another one in the whaever happened to series
whatever happened to bella emberg?
i remember her has that chubby woman on the russ abbot show
to be honest for a long time i thought she was dead
but shes not
so i consulted wikapedia
sadly theres not a lot on her
but this is what i found
Bella Emberg (born Sybil I. Dyke 16 September 1937 in Hove, Sussex, England, UK) is a British actress probably best known for her appearances on The Benny Hill Show and The Russ Abbot Show, where she notably played Blunderwoman. She has also appeared in Softly, Softly and Z Cars.
Her professional debut was in weekly repertory in Ryde, Isle of Wight — the summer season 1962.
Bella has featured in Doctor Who, BBC One's ever-popular science fiction series, a total of 3 times. In the 1970s, she had uncredited roles in the Third Doctor serials Doctor Who and the Silurians and The Time Warrior. More recently, in 2006, she was seen in the Tenth Doctor episode "Love & Monsters", where she played Mrs Croot. A second appearance as Mrs Croot was recorded for "The Runaway Bride" but cut before transmission.
i do remember seeing her in doctor who in 2006 shes lost a lot of weight
i tried to find the clip of it
but sadly i failed
but instead i will leave you with a classic clip of her and russ abbot

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