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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

what ever happened to.........matthew corbett?

i want to start a new regular segment on the blog
i wanna look up old celebrities from yestaryear and see what they are up to nowadays
so the first one i wanna look at is matthew corbett
i remember from the sooty show in the 80s
of course you dont hear of him now
so i hit the web to find out his whereabouts
this is what wikipedia has to say
Matthew Corbett (born 28 March 1948) in Guiseley, West Yorkshire, born Peter Graham Corbett, is an English television personality best known for The Sooty Show and latterly Sooty and Co.
He took over Sooty from his father Harry Corbett in 1976, and retired in 1998.
Corbett was born in Guiseley, West Riding of Yorkshire. In the late 1960s or early 1970s, he had to choose another stage name, as there was already another Peter Corbett registered. He kept his surname, but when choosing his new first name he was told it must be a name that is long, and so he chose the name of Matthew; for television purposes he has always remained as Matthew Corbett.
He appeared in the 1971 Doctor Who serial The Dæmons and was a regular performer in the Thames Television children's show Rainbow, where he sang and performed and wrote with Rod Burton and Jane Tucker as Rod, Matt and Jane, later better known as Rod, Jane and Freddy.
In 1976 Corbett left Rainbow to take over The Sooty Show from his father, Harry Corbett, on his retirement. He himself retired in 1998 after 22 years, and hand-picked Richard Cadell to replace him, and the show is still going strong.
Of late, Matthew Corbett has withdrawn from most public and media attention. The former Sooty Show presenter lives in Lymm with his wife Sallie. Back in 2005, he noted that he would be playing guitar with his friend John Gray around pubs in Manchester. For this, he has gone back to his real name Peter Corbett.
In January 2008, Corbett reappeared on television, presenting local interest programme shown on the Granada Television region of ITV, Locks and Quays, featuring a journey from the east coast of England to the west coast along waterways such as the River Humber, Aire and Calder Navigation and Leeds and Liverpool Canal.
On Sooty's 60th birthday in 2008, he said that the bear was "in, or should I say on, the right hands".[1]
well there u go
he joined a band
then made a show on canals
heres a clip


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

nice post Sean

sean gould said...

cheers bob
its the first of a series
will do another next week