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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

its good to be back

sorry again for the lack of blogs
but ive been away
i spent a few days in blackpool
so i thought id post a poem i wrote whilst i was there

sin city
by sean gould

sin city is jam packed
almost every night
usually kicks off
with a violent cat fight

parties of drunks
constantly line the streets
smelling of alcohol
and the burgers they eat

drunken jack the lad
thinks he could get any girl he likes
but he gets out of hand
when hes told to take a hike

the average man
works hard from day to day
then takes his money to old sin city
and gambles it all away

theres lots of entertainment
singers dancers and if youre in a funny mood
there are lots of great comedians
but most of them are rude

there are special gentlemans clubs
where lots of ladies walk around
they will dance on your lap
and take their clothes off if you give them twenty pounds

im not into drugs
but some people are just hooked
there are lots right here in sin city
you only have to look

so take a look around
there is so much here to see
when you need a bit of fun
sin city is the place to be

written 19th october 2008

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