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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

BLACKEST NIGHT issue seven

here we are the penultimate part of the blackest night story
issue seven
and let me tell you
its a corker
the issue starts with a number of black lanterns dragging all the guardians towards nekro
he is prepared to kill them
but soon hal jordon and the rest of the coloured lanterns arrive
the prepare for battle
but they are soon brought down
thanks to black hand and his ring
then atrocitus and black kand come face to face
black hand tries to take the hearts of atrocitus but cant find it
hal jordan points out that his ring is his heart
so black hand turns on him instead
hal jordan overpowered by the blackness
but scarecrow comes to help him out
flash is not happy that lex luthor is just watching not helping
luthor then decides he wants to be in control
he wants everyones rings
he battles with aqua woman to try and get her red ring
meanwhile green lantern john stewart is overpowered by tons of black lanterns led by airwave
he seems outnumbered
but then out of nowhere a huge army of lanterns of all colours appear led by green lantern guy gardner
a huge battle takes place
then we see the teen titans battling black lanterns
then dove decides to see if causing damage to the black lantern power battery would stop them
but as she approches it the hears somthing scream to be let out
then we see the lanterns try to restrain lex luthor
black hand escapes from them
then we see nekron holding and killing a guardian
black hand holds the guardian and nekron pulls out his muticoloured heard
he bangs on the ground
the ground erupts into a huge symbol
the lantens look on is amazement as nekron tells what he calls the trespasser to rise
the ground opens with a blinding white light
the light develops into pulsating sleeping beast
nekro wants it dead
he strikes it
but it does no damage
it just lets out a blinding light and a deafening scream
hal jordan asks ganthet what the white light is
he explains its an old secret kept by the guardians
its called the enitity
it triggered existance itself
sinestro is not happy with ganthet for keeping the secret
hal jordan goes to approach the white light
but sinestro pushes him out of the way
says that hal had his chance with parallax
and this was his destiny
sinestro goes into the white light
and emerges out of it a new white lantern
and he claims to be the greatest lantern of them all

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