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Thursday, 4 March 2010


lets take a look at issue 51 of green lantern

the issue starts with a fight between lex luthor and larfleeze over the possession of the orange ring
then we see parallax square off with spectre
we also see the other lanterns battling against the black lanterns
aquawoman and tempest fight is out
she wants to know where aquaman is
spectre and parallax do battle
parallax goes into spectres body and destroys the black ring
the spell is broken
spectre is no longer a black lantern
spectre and parallax want to kill each other
parallax tries to tear spectre apart
but sinestro stops him
then artrocitus makes spectre a red lantern
but spectre shakes it off returns to normal
parralax attacks him once more
star sapphire tries to restrain him
but with a blast sinestros yellow hal jordan is released and parallax is no more
the yellow entity disapears
then we see the prison where hector hammond is being held
hal jordan and flash talk spectre into helping them against nekron
but his efforts are unsucsessfull
nekron says that the world will die

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