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Saturday, 6 March 2010

ESSENTIAL DOCTOR WHO the time warrior

time for another look at a classic doctor who story
so this one i thought who better than the man who gave doctor who that that "spacey" feeling
with bessie the who mobile venusian akido and reversing the polarity of the neutron flow
everyones favorate english gentleman
the one
the only only
the late
the great
mr john pertwee
so i thought id go for the time warrior originally aired between 15th december 1973 -5th january 1974
this was the first time we found out the name of the doctors home planet
the first time we encountered a sontaran
plus the first appearance of everyones favorate companion (not mine) sarah jane smith played by elisabeth sladen


its starts with a light in a medievil sky
a bunch of people are mad that they have not great food and their neighbours have plenty
then they see a bright light
the one man (irongrod) says its his star
the next morning they go into the wood to find it
they find a space ship
and see awarrior with armour
he is a sontaran called linx
he says he needs their help
his ship is in need of repair
but irongrod is not so obliging
linx offers him weapons
in return he wants shelter and people who can help fix his ship
irogrod says that he has no such people
but linx says he wil find them
the next scene we see the doctor being led to a makeshift sleeping quarters by the brigadeer
he tells the doctor that scientists and equipment have vanished
next we wear they have vanished to
the medievil times
with linx
he has them working
one of irongrod men wants to come in
linx refuses
then we see irongrod trying out a gun that linx made for him
back in in the present day the doctor meets an man call professer rubeish
he introdudes her to someone called lavinia smith
but it really turns out to be her journalist niece sarah jane smith
next in medievil times we see a lord and lady (dot cotton) talking about the evils of irongrod
then we see irongrod with a man that his men found in the wood
they found a letter on him
a message on him
then we see sir edward and dot cotton wondering why their messenger hasnt returned
the we see irongrod and linx
irongrod wants to know why linx doesnt show his face
irongrod gets linx to interregate sir edwards messenger
then we see the doctor and the proffeser
the professer dont not trust sarah jane
sarah jane and the doctor talk
they dont really hit it off
then back in time
linx sets to work interregating the messanger
linx unlocks his mind
so irongrod can get the truth
then we see a sleeping doctor woken by a paricle detector
then he and sarah jane discover professer rubish has disapeared
he inform the brigadeer
the doctor tell him he saw a man in armour
he says there a matter transferer sendin people back in time
the doctor gets into the tardis and vanishes
he arrives in the medievil times
unbeknowing to the doctor sarah jane was in the tardis too
a man called hal(boba fett)
attempts to attack irongrod with a bow and arrow
but is interupted by sarah jane irongrods men chase into the forrest
they also capture sarah jane
the doctor spots her
he follows
he sees linx
the episode ends


sarah jane is taken to irongron
she cant believe shes back in time
hal is also brought to him
and they vow to deal with him
linx arrives
he has a weapon to show irongron
linx unlocks sarah janes mind
she tells them where shes from and tells them about the doctor
linx presents irongron with a robot
he is impressed
linx point out that sarah jane has escaped
the doctor finds her but she runs away
then we see hal about to be beheaded
but irongron stop it
and makes hal fight the robot
it looks like hal is about to be defeated
but the doctor shoots the control from irongrons hand
hal meets up with sarah jane and they run
linx and his army of scientists are at wor
irongron storms in and get linx to deactivate the robot
meanwhile the doctor find his way in
and finds the disapeared proffessers
including professer rubeish
the only one who is not hypnotised
linx finds them
he zaps the doctor
hal takes sarah jane to sir edward and tells them all whats going on in irongrons castle
she seems to think that the doctor is involved
the plan to raid irongrons castle
linx and the doctor talk and linx asks the doctor where is his home planet
he tells him (for the first time i believe) gallifrey
the doctor offer to help linx rebuild his ship if he lets the hostages go
he refuses
he places a control on the doctor
he has to obey linxes orders
he tries to over ride the controls
hal and sarah jane look for the doctors
linx give irongron some guns
the doctor gets rubeish to free him
the doctor goes to find sarah jane
he comes face to face with irongron and blood axe
but ith a bit of venusian akido he escapes
but falls and irongron vows to kill him
the episode ends


irongrom raises his axe to the doctor
but hal shoots it out his hand
he escapes with hal and sarah jane
he blocks the path with fire
the doctor is captured by sarah jane and sir edwards men
linx finds doctor gone
irongron want revenge on the doctor
linx want to find him too
the doctor and sarah jane arrive in sir edwards castle
the doctor explains about linx and that he is not helping irongron
sir edward offers to spare the doctors life if he helps against irongron
he agrees
irongron prepares for battle
linx goes along with them
the doctor is hatching a scheme with dummies
thne doctor explains to him about the tardis and that hes not from earth
irongron and his men surround the castle
see the dummies and think they are out numbers
irongron wants to retreat
but linx wont let him
irongron shoots at the castle
linx rumbles the decoy dummies
irongron advances on the castle
the doctor sets of smoke bombs
sir edwards men fire arrows
irongron returns to his castle
he is angry with his men
they all are confused with the doctors magic
linx approaches
say that irongron gave up to easy
linx wants to leave
then we see a feast at sir edwards castle
the doctor thinks irongron will attack again
he has an idea
capturing irongrons castlle
he gonna make somthing to calm him down
irongron wants to kill linx but he needs him too much
but he will kill him once he gets what he wants
the doctor and sarah janes enter irongrons castle dressed as monks
the enter linxes workshop
they find his ship and professer rubeish
the doctor says if linxes takes off everyone in the castle will die
in the next scene we see inx bringing irongrid weapons
he says he leaving soon and they cant stop him
the doctor tries to break the hypnosis on the scientists
but in walks linx
they hide
he sends the scienstist to work
but they are too weak
he threatens to kill them
but the doctor steps in
he says he wants to help linx cos he want somthing from him
he says he will help him if he undoes the hypnosis on scientists and helps defeat irongron the he will help him fix his ship
linx aims his probe at the doctor
the episode ends


links strikes the doctor down
sarah jane tries to stop him
he demands his prisoners back to work
a weak doctor points out that they are too exhausted
rubeish sneaks behind linx and whacks him in his probic vent
sarah jane helps the doctor up
he restrains linx
then we see irongron send bloodaxe to fetch linx
he goes but the doctor hides and poses as linx
the doctor tells rubeish to help get the scientist out of hypnosis
sarahjane get caught in the kitchen she pleads hunger
the doctor poses as the robot and goes to see irongron
irongron challenges the robot to fight
bloodaxe and irongron team up on the doctor
irongron tries to destroy the robot
the doctor unmasks himself
irongrons men seize him
irongron says that the doctor will die by wizardry
next we sarah jane working in kitchen puttin a potion in irongrons food
then we see rubeish getting the scientists out of hypnosis
he tells them to work as normal
irongron comes in looking for linx
he finds him tied up
irongron sets him free
then we see the doctor confronted by irongron
the doctor is to be used as target practise
sarah jane hears shooting and flees the kitchen
the doctor manages to dodge the shots fired at him
the doctor escapes aided by sarah jane
they return to sir edwards castle
the doctor says that when linx leaves the castle will burn
he doesnt want anyone to burn with it
not even irongron
then we see linx with the scientists
his ship is now working
then we see irongrods guards dropping down
as he sarah jane and hal watch
they are then in linxes room with rubeish
the doctor tries to turn off the ship
hal disarms all of irongrons sleeping guards
the doctor sends all of the scientist back to their own time
then we see irongron and linx arguing
linx says hes leaving
but irongron refuses to let him go
then irongron and his men all drop to sleep
linx returns to the room
he fires his beam
the doctor block it
hal disarms the men
but irongron wakes to find him
linxes ship throws the doctor across the room
and irongron comes in but linx kills him
hall tells blood axe and the men to run for their lives
the doctor hal and sarah jane flee just in time
the castle explodes
the doctor and sarah jane get into the tardis and say goodbye to hal
the tardis disapears

the story ends

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