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Monday, 29 March 2010


here are your wrestlemania 26 results

Yoshi Tatsu wins 26-Superstar WrestleMania Battle Royal

t was a battle of pure frenzy and free-for-all mayhem, where the only way to triumph was to stay alive as 25 other Superstars were being hurled over the top rope and onto the stadium floor. And amidst the intense match that fit like a glove leading into the towering grandeur of The Show of Shows, Tatsu proved his WrestleMania mettle.

The charismatic Superstar scored a victory of note, outlasting a powerful plethora of combatants to capture WrestleMania glory. In the final moments of the brutal match, Tatsu sent Zack Ryder over the top rope. Although Ryder was able to hold on, the quick-thinking Tatsu delivered a lightning-fast round kick, sending the final obstacle in the way of his amazing victory crashing to the ground.

From the moment the electrifying Tatsu entered the ring, the energized crowd seemed eager to be in his corner. And with such a huge WrestleMania triumph under his belt, every fan in attendance is now wondering how the young grappler will use his momentum to take Monday Night Raw by storm.

Vickie Guerrero's team wins the 10-Diva Tag Team Match

In the closing moments of the 10-Divas Tag Team Match at WrestleMania, the Official SmackDown Consultant slowly scaled the ropes and then launched herself onto a prone Kelly Kelly, crushing the blonde beauty and picking up the win for her team on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

It was an unexpected end to the wild battle pitting Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix against Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Divas Champion Maryse, Layla, Alicia Fox & Vickie. After a fracas that saw nearly every Diva in the match nail their trademark maneuvers, it came down to The Glamazon and Guerrero. But a sneak attack by the Women’s Champion put Phoenix out of the bout, allowing Vickie to do the unthinkable. With a helping hand from her team, Guerrero scaled the ropes and performed a “hog splash” onto Kelly Kelly that nearly shook the University of Phoenix Stadium.

While Kelly will still be feeling the effects of Vickie’s considerable impact tomorrow, it is Beth Phoenix who most wanted to get her hands on the shrill SmackDown Consultant. After being pinned by Vickie on Friday, The Glamazon would like nothing more than to shut her big mouth

Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk

At WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio reigned supreme over CM Punk, defending his family’s honor while saving himself from a forced induction into The Straight Edge Society.

Mysterio’s intense battle for freedom with The Second City Saint raged fast and furious on The Grandest Stage of Them All. From the opening bell, both Luke Gallows and Serena made their presence felt, interfering whenever possible in their savior’s favor. But, despite Punk’s ruthless attack and the actions of his loyal cronies, Mysterio would not give in. And his heart-filled refusal to be beaten would not go unrewarded. When The Straight Edge Society tried to prevent the masked Superstar from dialing-up the 619, Mysterio went to work, countering Punk’s GTS and sending him flying into the interfering Gallows. Then, before the capacity crowd, Mysterio rang-up 619 on his second attempt and successfully defeated his Straight Edge nemesis.

The volatile paths of The Master of the 619 and The Straight Edge Superstar collided with catastrophic fallout on The Road to WrestleMania. Punk, along with his faithful disciples Luke Gallows and Serena, assaulted Mysterio with brutal back-to-back attacks on SmackDown. Mysterio cost The Straight Edge Savior two huge opportunities, pinning him at WWE Elimination Chamber and costing him his WrestleMania Money in the Bank Qualifying Match against Shelton Benjamin.

Punk “crossed the line” when he and The Straight Edge Society ridiculed Mysterio and his family as they attempted to celebrate his daughter’s birthday on SmackDown. In the midst of his merciless verbal taunts, the calculating Punk issued a WrestleMania challenge to his emotionally-charged adversary.

One week later, Mysterio accepted Punk’s Show of Shows challenge with fury in his eyes. But, when Gallows triumphed over The Master of the 619 later that night, a stipulation was set in stone that The Ultimate Underdog must win at WrestleMania or take the Straight Edge pledge.

Rey Mysterio’s victory on The Grandest Stage of Them All has allowed him to stay clear of everything he detests. But considering the deplorable actions of CM Punk in recent weeks, has the masked Superstar seen the last of The Straight Edge Society?

Randy Orton wins Triple Threat Match vs. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Overcoming the odds, the teacher outclassed his former students as Randy Orton defeated Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes in a Triple Threat Match at The Showcase of the Immortals. On the biggest night of the year, Orton punted Rhodes in the head and evened the score with DiBiase with an RKO, leading to The Viper’s victory.

For DiBiase and Rhodes, who made their WrestleMania debuts, a victory would have certainly set either one of them on the path to follow in the footsteps of their respective WWE Hall of Fame fathers, “The Million Dollar Man” and Dusty Rhodes. But their egos were fed by the spectacle of WrestleMania and the sold-out crowd, putting them at odds and giving the more experienced Orton an advantage.

At one time, The Legacy was a force to be reckoned with in WWE. Orton took the eager young Superstars and set them on the path to pave their own roads toward greatness. While The Legacy seemed unstoppable, the egos of Rhodes and DiBiase would become too big for Orton to manage. The Viper would even square-off at times with the multi-generational Superstars. While the trio faced adversity, even when Rhodes cost Orton the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, The Legacy would always find a way to remain united until WWE Elimination Chamber.

The tension overflowed at the new pay-per-view when Cody Rhodes tossed a lead pipe into Satan’s Structure for DiBiase to utilize on John Cena. DiBiase used the pipe against both Cena and Orton and, in a moment of ultimate defiance, chose to eliminate his former mentor. The Legacy imploded with the two young Superstars becoming estranged from The Viper and out to prove that they were the better competitors.

At WrestleMania, there was no more bickering as these three Superstars squared off. The match seemed like a handicap match at times, with DiBiase and Rhodes teaming against Orton. But it was truly every man for himself and DiBiase and Rhodes would argue over who should be the victor, allowing Orton time to recover. The Legacy was broken and each man was out to prove that their legacy would be the one elevated on The Grandest Stage of Them All. After a devastating double-elevated DDT, Orton punted Rhodes and hit DiBiase with the RKO, pinning him for the win.

Triple H def. Sheamus

It has been said, “If you come at the king, you best not miss.”

Sheamus would have been wise to heed these words before he stepped in the ring with Triple H on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Despite a frenzied effort, the Irish Superstar failed in his quest to dethrone The King of Kings, falling to The Game at WrestleMania after a Pedigree in the center of the ring.

The victory was far from an easy one for Triple H, however. The Game felt the power and complete lack of respect from the first-ever Irish-born WWE Champion right from the bell. Battering Triple H both inside and outside the ring with clubbing blows and explosive kicks, Sheamus nearly made good on his promise to destroy his opponent.

In the end, however, it was a perfectly timed Pedigree from The Cerebral Assassin that would seal the Irishman’s fate and give Triple H the win.

Triple H had warned Sheamus to think twice before challenging him at WrestleMania. But after being pinned by The Game at WWE Elimination Chamber, the Irish Superstar was hell-bent on getting retribution against The King of Kings. Vowing to make an example of Triple H, Sheamus attacked his nemesis at every turn leading up to The Showcase of the Immortals. His failure to defeat Triple H will only further fuel The Celtic Warrior's ire.

Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show & The Miz def. John Morrison & R-Truth

Despite John Morrison & R-Truth getting the best of Big Show & The Miz in recent weeks, at WrestleMania XXVI, they weren’t able to keep that momentum as Show-Miz picked up a huge win to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships.

Interestingly enough, it was just one year ago, in a pre-show match to unify the World and WWE Tag Team Titles, Morrison & The Miz were fighting together. Now, they both have come full-circle and are again battling on The Grandest Stage of Them All for the Unified Tag Team Titles – except this time, they are bitter rivals on opposing teams.

Show-Miz was formed only a few months ago with the assistance of Raw’s special guest host John Heder, and since defeating DX and The Straight Edge Society in a Triple Threat Match to become champions, they have seemed unstoppable.

When The Friday Night Delight & SmackDown’s rapping Superstar were teamed together several weeks ago, there were some doubts about their ability to work as a unit, but the critics were quickly silenced when the duo defeated Cryme Tyme and The Hart Dynasty to become No. 1 contenders.

Of course, always willing to give his two cents on any subject, The Miz expressed his disapproval for having to defend his titles against the seemingly makeshift team of his former partner & R-Truth, but the self-proclaimed “Awesome One” would soon be eating crow.

Morrison & R-Truth quickly let Show-Miz know “What’s up!” by decimating them in what was supposed to be a tag team match, and have continued to one-up Big Show & The Miz around every turn – including a huge one-on-one victory for Morrison over The Miz on Raw.

Unfortunately, a WWE Superstar’s career is filled with peaks and valleys, and as a team, the challengers found themselves in a valley at WrestleMania XXVI, and after Morrison was knocked out by a vicious punch from Big Show, they were left empty-handed as Show-Miz retained the championships.

Though Morrison & R-Truth will likely continue their quest to prove themselves as a team and win the Unified Tag Team Titles, at The Showcase of the Immortals, it was Big Show & The Miz left standing with all the glory.

Jack Swagger wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Jack Swagger is known throughout the WWE Universe for his incredible amateur wrestling background. But at WrestleMania XXVI it was “The All-American American’s” willingness to take risks and put his body on the line that brought him victory in the first-ever 10-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match and the contract for a guaranteed World Title Match that comes with it.

During the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, qualifying matches were held on both Raw and SmackDown, where the brands’ hungriest Superstars competed for a chance to win one of WWE’s most coveted prizes. On the March 1 episode of Raw, Jack Swagger defeated Santino Marella, earning his place in the yearly contest, and beginning his trip to The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Though Swagger was willing to do anything to get his hands on the Money in the Bank briefcase, “The All-American American” had numerous equally ambitious competitors standing in his way. For the first time-ever the annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match was contested between 10 Superstars, only adding to the chaos within the ring.

Superstars battled atop the ladders throughout the match, but the contest was ultimately won when Swagger knocked Christian to the mat below using the Money in the Bank Briefcase itself. Though “The All-American American” walked away the victor, other Superstars also went to extraordinary lengths to obtain the coveted briefcase, as evidenced by Kofi Kingston using a broken ladder as a pair of makeshift stilts, and Evan Bourne hitting his awe-inspiring Shooting Star Press of a pair of ladders.

The Money in the Bank Match was a hotly contested one as it was filled with veterans in the dangerous contest such as Matt Hardy, MVP, Kane and Shelton Benjamin. The match also hosted younger up-and-coming competitors as well, such as Dolph Ziggler and Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre, who competed in multiple qualifying matches on SmackDown before gaining admittance into the contest.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho def. Edge

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho and Edge brought everything to their very personal war in front of more than 72,000 members of the WWE Universe inside the University of Phoenix Stadium. And finally – after weeks of hostile posturing – it was Jericho who reigned supreme and walked away with his World Title.

After the match, an enraged Ultimate Opportunist brutally Speared Jericho from atop the announce table and through the ringside barricade.

Clearly, we haven't seen the last of Edge's fight to regain the World Title.

Once close allies, these former tag team partners hit a major crossroads last July when Edge suffered a potentially career-ending Achilles injury.

But in January at Royal Rumble, The Ultimate Opportunist shocked the entire WWE Universe by returning to WWE to win the Royal Rumble Match.

Not to be outdone – a month later inside the Elimination Chamber – Jericho pulled off a stunning win over The Undertaker, thanks to some help from Shawn Michaels.

With both Superstars full of momentum, the WWE Universe knew it would witness a stellar battle at WrestleMania. Neither Superstar disappointed.

However, now that Edge could not win Jericho's title, how can he possibly live with himself? If there was bitter anger before, things are sure to get downright ugly now.

John Cena def. Batista (New WWE Champion)

He was one competitor from victory at 2005’s Royal Rumble – but Batista upended him. He was one second from basking in glory at 2008’s SummerSlam – but Batista refused to quit. He prevailed over five others to capture the WWE Title at this year’s Elimination Chamber – but Batista came and fought it away.

During some of the most pivotal moments of his career, John Cena has failed to overcome the force of just one man: Batista. Until now.

After an intense clash between two of WWE’s preeminent powerhouses on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Cena finally unleashed all manner of fury on The Animal, captured his seventh WWE Title and can once again proclaim, “The Champ … is … here!”

The victory, however, was far from assured. In the weeks leading up to the brawl, Batista successfully employed psychological warfare, worming his way inside Cena’s psyche, mocking his squeaky-clean image and trying to convince him that he could never defeat The Animal. However, just six days prior to WrestleMania, Cena crashed through a phalanx of security and attacked his tormentor on Monday Night Raw, vowing that Batista “would never keep [him] down, no matter what.”

True to his word, Cena entered the match with a full tank of gas and plenty in reserve. The two Superstars locked in various holds early in the match, intent on wearing down their opponent. As the match progressed, the two powerhouses began to trade cement-shattering blows. As a result, a hint of fatigue glimmered on each of their brows, but neither would relent. Instead, Cena kicked out after a rumbling Batista Bomb, and The Animal also escaped in the wake of an emphatic Attitude Adjustment. Finally, though, Cena would clamp down upon Batista with a savage STFU, leaving The Animal no choice but to tap out.

In the end, Cena displayed the steely resolve of a warrior, vanquishing any self-doubt he harbored leading up to the match and returning to form as “The Champ” on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Bret Hart def. Mr. McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match

Simple albeit prolonged chain reaction: Vince screwed Bret in 1997; Vince screwed Vince weeks ago on Raw; and at WrestleMania XXVI, Bret finally screwed Vince with excellent execution, as The “Hit Man” cemented this Show of Shows as perhaps the best there ever will be.

With the support of the Hart family, who double-crossed and foiled the scheme of The WWE Chairman, the pink and black colors waved proud in victory on The Grandest Stage of Them All, mending a 12-year wound for The Hit Man.

It was nearly a repeat performance of the Montreal Screwjob, but at a greater magnitude when Mr. McMahon revealed his fully funded lumberjacks: The Hart family, Dynasty and all. However, blood proved thicker than The Chairman’s liquid assets, as Bret’s kin betrayed the billionaire in the No Holds Barred Match and took up arms against the man who defiled their family name for so very many years.

The Excellence of Execution unleashed more than a decade of malice onto the man who tarnished an incomparable career of a genuine champion, with or without a gold prize in his possession. Swinging a tire iron and steel chair at McMahon – at least one strike for every year since his unsavory departure from WWE – the fury in The Hit Man’s eyes told a story of justice and attrition.

Then, to lock in vindication and serve his mortal nemesis a 12-year brew of retribution, Hart clinched the legs of The Chairman for a Sharpshooter. It was the moment that not just Bret, but also the legion of WWE Universe members in the University of Phoenix Stadium and around the globe waited more than a decade to experience.

McMahon quickly surrendered, pounding his palm against the mat with a rhythmic pulse similar to the intro of Hit Man’s entrance music, which then sounded instantly to both signal and accentuate victory.

Hoisted by his Hart brethren in celebration of Bret “Hit Man” Hart’s unbelievable return from a career-ending concussion, a stroke and so many more tribulations, WrestleMania XXVI became a conquest bigger than Yokozuna at WrestleMania X, more emphatic than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13.

On March 28, 2010, the myth of “The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be” was tested and proven, live in front of 72, 219. The Hart still beats and perhaps stronger it ever will beat.

The Undertaker def. Shawn Michaels

One could argue that it wasn’t Shawn Michaels who lost on The Grandest Stage of Them All Sunday night. Yes, Michaels fell in defeat to The Phenom, who extended his unbeaten WrestleMania streak to an unprecedented 18-0. However, by ending The Showstopper’s storied career, The Deadman effectively provided the WWE Universe with perhaps its greatest collective loss in WWE history: the end of an icon’s ring career.

Their rematch was destined to happen – many believed that as soon as their epic first confrontation at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania concluded one year prior. It certainly remained foremost in the mind of HBK, who had demanded another opportunity against The Phenom at The Show of Shows since last December’s Slammy Awards ceremony on Raw. Yet after months of calling out The Deadman and coming up short in bids to earn a rematch, Michaels finally succeeded after costing The Undertaker his World Heavyweight Title inside the Elimination Chamber last February.

Of course, garnering The Undertaker’s sole, undivided attention is a double-edged sword. The Phenom finally agreed to face The Showstopper one more time at WrestleMania – with the stipulation that it would be Shawn Michaels’ last time as a WWE Superstar, should he fail to end “The Streak,” a prize that many would equate to a World Championship … or perhaps hold in even higher regard.

Sunday’s rematch between HBK and The Undertaker was only the fourth such contest to end a WrestleMania without championship gold on the line. However, it was, by far, the most important of those matches. Furthermore, indecision or controversy was all but eliminated by the stipulation that this “Streak vs. Career” Match could end only via pinfall or submission.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to this match if I wasn’t at a place where I was ready to take on the inevitable, which is the end of my career,” Michaels told WWE.com in an exclusive interview hours before the confrontation. “I like to be a man of my word. I’d like to honor what I said to The Undertaker … that if I don’t beat his streak, I will walk away.”

That said, Michaels was more than ready Sunday night. Before 72,219 fans inside the University of Phoenix Stadium, fans’ loyalties were divided as “Mr. WrestleMania” gave the Showstopping performance of his career – and a match that must have left The Undertaker wondering, even if just for a moment, whether or not he could defeat HBK at a second consecutive WrestleMania.

The Phenom had good reason to wonder. After an offensive onslaught to open the match, he jarred his left knee on the mat while going "Old School" off the top rope. Michaels, seeing how his adversary favored his leg, immediately took advantage, directing the focus of his offense toward the injured appendage. And the occasional posters of "17-1" throughout the stadium seemed raised a little higher than before.

It would take much more than great strategy to stop The Undertaker's streak, however. In fact, he nearly put The Showstopper's career into the grave several times early in the battle, including a devastating Tombstone on the outside floor that would have rendered lesser opponents to pure dust. Even the most divided of fans, however, had to be amazed not only by Michaels' resiliency, but his wherewithall to counter a Hell's Gate submission into a quick-two count, then connecting with one of the loudest Sweet Chin Musics ever heard inside the ring.

The Undertaker barely kicked out, then almost dealt Michaels his own graveyard symphony. But another confrontation on the outside floor resulted in more Sweet Chin Music that planted The Deadman onto the announce table, and HBK's moonsault off the top rope that drove both Superstars through the table.

Despite seeming to have little idea where he was at the moment, The Phenom refused to stay down, even after a third chorus of Sweet Chin Music. More than 72,000 strong felt that the end might be near for Michaels, though, especially as The Deadman caught "Mr. WrestleMania" with a crushing chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver.

They were wrong. Michaels kicked out by the narrowest of margins, impressing even the clearly frustrated Undertaker. Mustering perhaps the greatest sign of respect he could offer, The Deadman stopped himself from delivering his cutthroat motion.

Michaels, defiant to the end, finished the motion for his adversary, then slapped The Undertaker in the face. He, more than anyone else, understood that between the Streak and the career, something had to give.

The Undertaker, with fire in his eyes, obliged his noble opponent. With another devastating Tombstone, he silenced Shawn Michaels' career once and for all.

Though it seemed impossible to conceive, Michaels and The Deadman outdid their epic confrontation from 2009 – a match that was deemed universally as Match of the Year. And the sold-out crowd in Phoenix made sure their Superstars knew it, with chants of "This is awesome!" and "Thank you, Shawn!" filling the stadium. And, in a moment never before witnessed, the often-emotionally devoid Deadman acknowledged a very emotional Michaels as well.

In his seventeenth and final WrestleMania as an in-ring competitor, Michaels motioned to the WWE Universe, professing his undying gratitude and love. And like a true ring warrior, he exited the stadium in the Valley of the Sun with his head held high - and a career that will live on as long as any WrestleMania streak The Undertaker can achieve.