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Monday, 15 September 2008

a boyhood dream comes true

picture if you can
your very own romantic geek
as an hormonal fifthteen year old
im sure we have all been there
every one had there pin ups
that celebrity we spent our teenage years lusting over
mine was wwe female wrestler lita (real name any dumas)
she made me aware of the ladies as a spotty geeky lad
i dreamed of meeting her
last thursday
i did
oh yes
shes long since retired from wrestling
and now sings in a band called the luchagors
so me and a few mates went to check them out in brum last thurdsay
when see arrived on stage my jaw dropped
she was stunnig
and at the end of the show when she said she was gonna hang around 2 meet and geet afterwoulds
i nearly fainted
my chance to meet her
we shook hands
had our photo taken
i was way too awstruck to speak 2 her
thats a joke
oh well
i met her
next time i might even speak

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