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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

the magic of the squared circle

this poem is dedicated to the glory days of american wrestling

the magic of the squared circle
by sean gould

theres lots of sports i like to see
but wrestlings a favorate for me
ive been a big fan since i was a kid
since the days of papa shango and psycho sid
i remember when kevin nash was big daddy cool
and doink the clown was playing the fool

when jerry lawler was the king
and honky tonk man ready to sing
hulk hogan tearing his shirt
ravishing rick rude was an A grade flirt
macho man randy savage with elizabeth his bride
and the undertaker with paul bearer by his side

the ultimate warrior giving the ropes a shake
jake roberts always had his pet snake
i remember when bob holly was called sparky plug
and sargeant slaughter was a military thug
earthquake finishing his opponents with a big splash
the million dollar man was flashing the cash

rowdy roddy piper was wearing his kilt
big john stud was massively built
dusty rhoades was the amercian dream
legion of doom were my favorate tag team
king kong bundy and kamalla were large
andre the giant with bobby the brain in charge

i remember the birdman koko b ware
and the nature boy the one and only ric flair
bret the hitman hart always wore pink and black
and davey boy smith drapped in a union jack
hacksaw jim duggan waving his two by four
the rock raises his eyebrow and leaves the crowd begging for more

stone cold steve austin never showed fear
he just stood on the turbuckle drinking his beer
jimmy snuka flies through the air he was trully an amazer
the late owen hart was known as the blue blazer
but wrestling has changed since the days of terry funk
nowadays we have randy orton and c m punk

chris jericho is y2j
he has lots of things to say
shawn micheals has been the heartbreak kid for many a year
john cena makes the young girls cheer
triple h is the game
the hardy boys are just the same

bad boy edge is rated R
JBL arrives in a limo car
big show is very large
the great khali is the size of a barge
about wrestling i know everything
i love watching my heroes in the ring

written 28th september 2008

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