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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

......and i only went to spend a penny

last week i spent a lot of time in birmingham
meeting various friends
inbetween meeting i took the oppertunity to walk around one of my favorate geek shops
but after 2 minutes of browsing i was hit with the might urge to go to the toilet
so i ran out the shop
ran over the road
to one of those new "pay as you go" toilet booths
so i inserted my 10p
just to do as nature intended
so put my money in
nothin happens
then another 10p
the door opens
so i get in there
press the button to close the door
it closed
then opened
then closed
then opened
and so on
i was getting fed up with this
so i just left
i was sooooo desperate
so i went into a nearby bar
and toddled off to the loo
i heard a voice
you cant use our toilet if you dont have a drink
so i went to the bar paid one pound for a coke
drank the fastest ive ever drank in my life
then i made it to the loo
ooooh heaven
it cost me £1.20p
i only went to spend a penny

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