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Friday, 12 September 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC the day has come

ok the day has arrived
metallicas death magnetic album officially it the shops today
but of course it was met with conversy
the album was billed for a september 12th release
a record store in france released it week early
and it was leeked on the internet for anyone to download
then yestarday a high street uk store decided to start selling it early
then all other shops followed suit
i must admit i got mine yestarday
it didnt ruin mine and my mate bucks listening party today
we cranked up the music
and the album is soooo good
buck paid £75 for the coffin box set (which im pictured with as well as my £10 cd)
hope you enjoyed my countdown
it was well worth it
blog will now be back normal
however death magnetic album review coming soon

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