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Thursday, 25 September 2008

as read at poetry wednesbury............its not all bad

another great poetry wednesbury meeting has passed
i the think the quality of poetry improves every month
i really enjoyed this months meeting
the group is full of good people
and i would once again like to thank bob for the lift home
cheers mate :)

heres one of the poems i read

this one was inspired by a conversation i heard in the queue in mcdonalds
it was between two youths and went a little somthing like this

youth 1; he robbed an old lady and stabbed someone innit
youth 2; yeah hes got a nice coat though

so i thought it would be a good idea for a poem

here it is

its not all bad
by sean gould

he brutally beat a jewish family
buring their house saying nazi quote
leaving them all for dead
yeah but hes got an amazing coat

he stole a car and went for a joyride
crashed leaving an elderly couple seriously hurt
he ran from the scene of the accident
yeah but he wears a very stylish shirt

he used to mug old ladies
frantically wielding a baseball bat
used to rob them of their pension
yeah but how cool is his hat?

she was involved in a drunken bar fight
leaving her victims a bloody mess
using a wkd bottle as a weapon
yeah but look out she fills out that dress

he robbed an off licence
taking all the ciggies and booze
selling them in local pubs
yeah but i love his shoes

shes known as a home wrecker
breaking up families without a care
then moves on to the next man
yeah but just look at her hair

he embessled money from his company
covering it up with bare faced lies
sending people to unemployment
yeah but hes got beautiful eyes

shes a convicted murderer
she killed her husband with a gun
she dosent feel an ounce of remorse
yeah but shes got a tidy little bum

written 20th september 2008


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

OK Sean very good I think I enjoyed it more when you read it. We must do something about the quality of your images.BBCB

sean gould said...

cheers bob
i got a new photo of myself that im gonna put up soon