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Saturday, 20 September 2008

the day from hell

its very rare i have moan on the blog
but today im gonna do just that
my day has been what i can only decribe as shitty
it started as soon as i woke up
i recieved a text from a special lady(one i write a lot of my finest poetry about) she cancled our lunch date
cant say im suprised
oh well
then about five minutes later i spilled black ink over my beloved west bromwich albion duvet cover(which is going round the washing machine for the second time still not come out)
and the third and final blow....
i recieved a lovley little letter from the council tax department
saying because of late payments (which i struggle to pay anyway) there are canceling my monthly scheme and want £320 by wednesday
i aint got that money
theres a number you can call if you cant pay
so i will call them monday and see what happens
so needless to say i have not been in the best of moods today
hopfully everything will be fine
i worry too much

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