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Friday, 4 July 2008

lost in translation

hi there
i just wanted to share a new poem that i wrote today.
ill explain the story behind it.
theres this new eastern european girl started at my work.
shes very beautiful and i have been admiring her from a far.
anyways she cant speak a word of english but ive been trying my charm.
and tuesday she walks up to me and places her mobile on piece of paper in my hand.
however this is not an english number so i cant use this number without a certain code but there really isnt any point as neither one of us speaks the others language so its gone down hill from there on.
so it fell at the first hurdle.
oh well.
anyway heres the poem .

lost in translation
by sean gould

whats a poor boy
to do?
when he doesnt
have the same mother tongue as you

you are such a catch
you really look so fine
but you speak in a language
that just isnt mine

you dont understand
anything you are told
even your mobile number
has a foreign dialing code

i try to be nice
and you think im being rude
all the lovley words i say
seem to get you in a mood

at times i think i upset you
but not sure if i do
because you dont understand
when i try to ask you

im looking for little signals
but theres nothing i can find
to be honest i have enough trouble
reading an english womans mind

written 4th july 2008

incidentally the lady in question has become rather close to a polish guy who works at our place.
well you win some you lose some.
anyway i better go and throw some clothes in a bag as for the next week im house sitting for my parents.
i hope they have beer:)
take care

oh p.s
you may have noticed i have changed the name of this blog to the romantic geek.
i felt it had to be done.
i really should of named the blog that in the first place.

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