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Saturday, 5 July 2008

pet patrol

hey there
im now half way through my week of house sitting duties.
things are going quite well.
the animals are behaving theirselves.
except for when billy tore is bed apart.
oh well.
and we saw a bit of sun yestarday.
oh joy.
i hope the summer shows its face before i go back to work.
im starting to miss my own bed.
my matress on the floor is not the same as my lovley double be.

ok i better go.
i havnt fed the dogs yet.
take care.
ill post soon.
and i leave you with a poem i wrote.
pet patrol
by sean gould
im on pet patrol duties
and im too tired to even talk
i have to get up at 5:30
to take billy for a walk

on the field he chases other dogs
hes looking for a fight
so i try and restrain him
hold him back wiith all my might

bonnie is pyning badly
shes really in a mood
she only leaves her basket
when she eats her food

watering the flowers
is a job i cannot bare
but the weather is so lousy
so mother nature is taking care

and to feed the pigeons
i have to climb a ladder
but being scared of heights
it does things to my bladder

i also look after the fish in the pond
give them something to munch
and i have to protect themw
hen the heron comes for lunch

so this house sitting lark
im starting to get the knack
but its me who will need a holiday
when they all come back
written 7th july 2008

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