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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

my first blog

hi there.
i would like to welcome you to my very first blog.
this one is just a short one to say hi and to tell you all what to expect.
ive been reading the blog of friend and fellow poet bob and thought id have a go and do a blog myself.
i will try and post a blog at least twice a week and i will be writing just general observations and as im a poet i will post the odd poem.
which leads me nicely to a little poem i thought i would end this blog with.
its one i have just jotted down .
its about posting my first blog and not knowing what to write.
so enjoy and i will post a brand new blog in the next few days.

the burdens of bloggdom
by sean gould

my first ever blog
no idea what to write
shall i write funny words and clever stuff
to give you all delight

shall i tell you about my life
to help you pass your time
shall i put down my feelings
and turn them into rhyme

so what to put in this little blog
i havnt got a clue
but whatever that i provide
i do it just for you

written 1st july 2008

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