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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

a bit of a serious one

before i start this post just wanna do a bit of house keeping as the say.
pet sitting duties are over and im home.
i wouls also like to thank bob for his blog advice.
and hopefully the dates will work now.

anyway on to the blog.

im a little bit concerned.
the amount of knife crime on the streets.
but it really hit home last week when it happened only 5 minutes away from where i live .

so i wanted to do somthing.
so i wrote a little piece.
not based on anybody.
take a look.

an account of the parent of a murder victim

all people can do is ask me is how i feel.
how do i feel?
how am i supposed to feel?
i only wish i knew.
it wasnt supposed to happen this way.
he was supposed to out live me.
i was supposed to grow old watching him become a man.
meeting a nice girl.
getting married.
having children.
he will never do any of this now.
just nineteen.
he was only nineteen years old.
no boy is meant to die at the age of nineteen.
he saw a girl in touble.
an abusive boyfriend.
he couldnt just stand there and watch.
could you?
he tried to help her.
then the so called "man" pulled out a knife.
he was only twenty one himself.
what right did he have to take my sons life?
nothing more than a child himself.
why did he even have a knife?
what is this world coming to?
does everyone carry a knife now?
my son didnt.
now hes dead.
my little boy.
in my eyes he died a hero.
he will always be with me.
everywhere i go his picture will go with me.
i will never forget him.
my boy.
my son.
my hero.

written 14th july 2008


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Sean you shame me with poetic posts but I must point out I did it first, Oh yes I did
Bob the Black Country Brummie

sean gould said...

thanks bob
you know you are my role model:)