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Saturday, 5 July 2008


just a quick one to say that the dates are all messed up on here ive tried to rectify this.
so this is just test to see if it works.
if not im gonna have to try and fix it
sean the romantic geek


bob the black country brummie said...

Hi Sean,
There are some things I would like to draw to your attention 1st your date query on my blog. I found that if I did several posts on the same day and stored them when I eventually published them they had the original date and were published on the date I wrote them not necessarily the date I wanted to publish. What I do now is write a separate word document for the blog and copy and paste when I want to publish. It works well for me except the word document is now a book size. “2nd can I make some observations about your blog and its format. As you know I’m knocking on a bit in year terms and subsequently some of my bits don’t work as well as they used to one of which is eye site. There are some useful publications for communicating with older people but the principle is light green background white text very bad, black background white text poor, white background black text good. The type of text is also recommend as not less then 12point Arial but I find sticking to this is boring and the advantage small. I hope you don’t mind my observations because the desing of blog must reflect the audience you want to appeal to.
Best wishes keep going.

sean gould said...

thanks for your help
i apreiciate all the advice.
and i will follow your advice
thanks for helping the new guy
mny thanks sean

bob the black country brummie said...

much better