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Sunday, 10 August 2008

a special poem for a special lady

hello there
sorry again for the lack of blogs
but gonna try and post daily from today
today is my moms birthday
so heres a poem i wrote for her

happy birthday mom
by sean gould

today i the anniversary
of the day that you were born
you shona wife of mark
mother of michelle and sean

and we know
that you will always be there
when we need
some love and care

the 10th of august comes again
so put up your feet and rest
another birthday comes around
and i hope this ones the best

you know we love you lots
and are gratefull of everything you do
i just wanna end this little verse
by saying happy birthday to you

hope you like it guys im gonna take it round there now

ill post a new blog tomorrow i promise


Bob the black country brummie said...

you big crrep

sean gould said...

im just a mommies boy