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Thursday, 14 August 2008

queen of the road

today im a very proud brother
my sister passed her driving test
i wrote a poem

the queen of the road
by sean gould

you have been trying hard to pass your test
i thought you might explode
and you have done it
and its time to hit the road

i know its been frustrating
these things always are
now you look a picture
sitting in your car

i remember when you rode round the block
on your little purple bike
but now you have a green car
and can go anywhere you like

you can go shopping
and buy yourself a frock
or you could drive to blackpool
but dont forget my rock

you will be driving daily
to your job at kfc
if theres any chicken left
bring some home for me

you must save some money
as petrol costs a load
so lets raise a glass
to michelle queen of the road

written 14th august 2008

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