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Thursday, 28 August 2008

as read at poetry wednesbury............never kissed a girl

tonight was another great poetry wednesbury meeting
great as always
heres a poem i read

never kissed a girl
by sean gould

dweebs and geeks
meet up in drobes
talking of lazer beems
and sonic probes

faces of spots
and breath of garlic
the only thing they ever groped
is a remote control dalek

no strangers to big words
they quote them all with passion
the only words they dont know
are street cred and fashion

sadly these guys
wouldnt know what to do with an erection
the only thing that exites them
is their comic book collection

most of these poor nerds
have never had a lover
some of them are forty five
and still live with their mother

some of them cant get a lady
because of their nerdy looks
the only thing they take to bed
are harry potter books

they are too obsessed with aliens
from another world
that is why these dorks
have never kissed a girl

i suppose im just like them
but in one way im unique
i guess im the worlds only
sexually aware geek

written 15th august 2008

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