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Sunday, 17 August 2008

lets get sentimental

poor me
just done a days work with a terrible hangover
the reason of that hangover was my sisters engagement party
what a night!!
of course i wrote a poem for ocassion
and i read it out in front of the whole party
my biggest crowd yet

anyway heres the poem

engagement of my little sis
by sean gould

now im getting older
i really feel my age
im feeling bloody ancient
now my baby sister has got engaged

i remember when she has a friend called jamie
who no one else could see
now shes made a new friend
by the name of ste

it only seems five minutes
since she was a little girl
but now she has grown
into a beautiful woman of the world

now shes bending poor stes ear
and giving me a rest
but ste you are lucky man
and i wish you both the best

sometimes me and michelle dont get on
i can be mouthy and loud
but i love my little sister
she makes me very proud

so ste be nice to her
because with her you are stuck
so happy engagement to both of you
i wish you the best of luck
written 15th august 2008

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