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Sunday, 31 August 2008

welcome to the promised land

ok its sunday
i like to post a poem on sunday
heres a new one
its about the state of the world to today

welcome to the promised land
by sean gould

welcome to the promised land
where arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand
children in the bushes smoking weed
and one in five people face poverty and need
but the people in power just dont care
sitting with whiskey and cigars in their chair

the credit crunch is hitting us all
the world is heading for a financial fall
we take for granted everything that we buy
but now the prices are way too high
with this monitry presure its hard just to chill
when worrying how to pay every bill

thugs on the street make you scared to go out
with the fear of being attacked by a lout
anything valuble they will happily grab it
just to feed that nagging drug habbit
a night on the tiles isnt always a laugh
as it often ends in alcohol fuelled wrath

in every country its worse than before
as it seems the world is ready for war
ready to fight over some oil
killing each other and to the winner the spoil
and the great mister bush has to have his say
using the world as puppets just to do things his way

no jobs for the people who are willing to work hard
do anything to get their name on a clocking on card
many desperate to be on the payroll
as they have had enough of life on the dole
but some people it suits them just fine
spending their giros on ciggies and wine

struggling to survive the day to survive the day to day grind
looking for a better life that you never seem to find
some of us know we will never have a lot
and we must really accept what we have got
so life will never turn out the way that we planned
welcome to the promised land

written 26th august 2008

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