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Monday, 11 August 2008

the duke of dudleys official birthday

another birthday message im afraid

this one is for a work colleague
a man so proud of his dudley roots
and he insist that dudley is the heart of the black country
i give him banter and say that west brom is
he also has a think for certain quiz show queen

as tomorrow is his birthday
i decided to write him a poem

the duke of dudleys official birthday
by sean gould

its that time again
colins birthday has come around
and hes off to celebrate
in his dear old dudley town

hes gonna go and have a drink
at his local pub the lamp
he has himself a pint or ten
then staggers down the ramp

he puts money in the juke box
and plays some rock n roll
hes well respected
as hes the only one in dudley who isnt on the dole

he get home
and goes up to his room
looks at pictures of carol vorderman
and dreams of prodding her womb

he end the day by doing the clockword
to test the brain in his head
then he takes is glasses off
and goes to sleep in bed

so happy birthday colin
i hope you have a good one
this poem was written in the black country
yes you guessed it west brom

1 comment:

bob the black country brummie said...

Its dudlay an yo’ll git shot sayin they is awl on thay dole. I’m gonna av to lern yo some black cuntray