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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

DEATH MAGNETIC 1 month to go

hello there

to most of you todays blog is gonna seem like a load of nonesense

but there may be some out there that will know exactly what i am babbleing on about

oh the excitement

just one month to go

oh yes

on the 12th of september 2008 METALLICA my favorate rock band are releasing their 8th studio album untitled DEATH MAGNETIC

i really cant wait

me and my best friend buck are booking the day off work just to go out and buy the cd

ooh yes

the excitment is building

but theres still alot we dont know

but what we do know is the art work which is pictured above

and the track listing

The complete track listing is below:

That Was Just Your Life

The End Of The Line

Broken, Beat & Scarred

The Day That Never Comes

All Nightmare Long


The Unforgiven III

The Judas Kiss

Suicide & Redemption

My Apocalypse

and we also know that the unforgiven III is the follow to the 1991 hit the unforgiven and 1997s the unforgiven II both great songs so i have high hopes for this one

and finally we know that the first single will be the day that never comes and aparrently a video is on the way

so keeps looking and ill keep you posted on the blog

remember you heard it here last

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