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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

is this britains most obnoxious man?

this is minor celebrity iain lee
you may reconise him
then again you may not
but this man is the most self absorbed vile specimens my poor ears have ever had the misfortune to listen to
he presents a number of podcasts and radio shows
but he shouldnt be allowed on air
his attitude towards people is disgusting
he cuts callers off and calls them idiots
when they have done nothing wrong
theres lots of vile things this cretin says to people who listen to his show and put food on his table
people call him up to speak to him on is show and he just rubbishes them
like one time a young lady goes live on webcam to speak with him
he as the nerves to call this girl a "minger"
then he had an asian man on the fone
this a*sehole turn round and say that he probably smells as washing is against his religion
and im not the only one who thinks his actions are vulger
a few weeks back a lady called his show to confront him of hios attitude
he just made her look small
anyone who dosent agree with him he just cuts the phone line off on them and calls them an idiot
theres on one idiot here mr lee
and thats YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

you've got a dirty

sean gould said...

i see you have saw him in action

Salt said...


Your post is more obnoxious than anything Iain Lee has ever said. Just console yourself with the fact that you haven't really got a good sense of humour. Iain Lee never asked you to listen to him. If you don't like it...don't switch it on. Go back to your stamp collection or tortoise annual.