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Sunday, 24 August 2008

a poem by request

so recently ive been doing a lot of poems for occasions
my little ten year old cousin was down here from newcastle
she read them and asked me to do one for her
so here it is

perris poem
by sean gould

little cousin perri
has come down to stay
i wouldnt say shes shy
infact she has a lot to say

when i walk in
she calls me lots of names
shes usually on the computer
playing sallys salon and other girlie games

she pulls lots of faces
that are very silly
she plays in the garden
with the dogs bonnie and billy

she helps auntie shona tidy up
and she works very well
then she will make cakes and biscuits
in the kitchen with michelle

then of a night time
she watches wrestling with uncle mark
then shes goes to sleep in her pink room
now that it is dark

shes been here for two whole weeks
and soon she will be gone
and i will think that ive gone deaf
when i walk into my moms

so heres to you perri
with your brother jack
this poem was wriiten by your cousin
the one you call fudge pack
written 23rd august 2008

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