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Thursday, 25 February 2010



as a huge green lantern fan i thought i would be good to cover the comics on here

so i thought id start with the most recent

issue 50

the issue starts with a raging battle in coast city
the black lanterns on a rampage
the corps are united as one
blue lantern flash is being mentored by saint walker
and aqua woman comes face to face with her dead husband
green lantern is confused why scarecrow and lex luthor have been made ring bearers
but as sinestro reminds him the rings choose their owners
larfleeze the orange lantern wants to strip luthor of the ring
meanwhile green lantern comes face to face with a face from the past
spectre gets the better of him
and green lantern hal jordan is now a black lantern
but the guardians use their powers to revive and make him green again
green lantern battles spectre with help of sinestro and scarecrow
but spectre overpowers scarecrow who gets hung from a cross
all the corps team up against spectre
he just seems to get stronger
green lanten remembers that paralax is the only one who can detroy spectre
so he gets the guardians to put the power batteries together to produce the yellow eliment paralax demon
hal jordan approaches it
but sinestro tries to stop him
the star saphire tries to stop him
but they kiss
then he aproaches the eliment and lets it over power him
and becomes paralax

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