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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

well stone me

a tired romantic geek today
at 4.30am this morning i was wired to a drip in sandwell hospital
i started with a cronic stomach pain on monday very painfull
had a few small pains during yestarday
then at 3.15 this morning i woke up and thought id been stabbed
ive never known pain like it
so i called 999
and the response i got was u will get a call back in the next 6o minutes
there i was in agony
but within 5 minutes i got the call
and after a few questions
i was told there would be no ambulance
as it dosent sound life threatening
just to take a couple of painkillers and call my gp
this pain was so grueling i just couldnt cope
so i got a lift to the hospital from my parents
and i was seen almost right away
the doctor said to complain about that 999 call
had blood tests and urine test was pumped with lots of pain killer drugs
and it turns out i had a kidney stone
i have to for a scan soon
and i havee been told to go back if i have another bout of pain like that
but next time i think i could be in a little longer than 3 hours


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Ouch. I know how excruciating the pain can be from kidney stones. Please be aware that when you pass them it will make your eyes water. The advice about making complaint against the ambulance service is correct. Go into PALS office at Sandwell Hospital and let them handle it. Hope your feeling better.

sean gould said...

yeah ive been told that its not pleasant passing them
epecially where they come from
so im not looking forward to that
i gotta go for a scan on tuesday so i should know more then

so how u keepin bob?