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Monday, 22 February 2010


last nights elimation chamber gave out a few suprises
here a the results

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Gail Kim & Maryse

Michelle McCool & Layla defeated Maryse & Gail Kim in an impromptu Divas Tag Team Match ordered at the last minute by SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero, live from the "Gateway City."

It had been a hard fought Divas Championship Tournament after Melina was forced to vacate the title due to injury. After many grueling and action-packed matches, Gail Kim and Maryse were set-up to square off for the coveted Divas Championship. The match was set for WWE Elimination Chamber and a heated, yet fairly civil, rivalry was about to reach its pinnacle.

However, the conclusion to the Divas Championship Tournament was simply not in the cards for WWE Elimination Chamber as SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero changed the match at the very last second. Feeling that the SmackDown Divas were not properly represented in the night’s event, she postponed the Championship Match and set a tag team contest, Gail Kim & Maryse vs. SmackDown Divas Michelle McCool & Layla.

Vickie Guerrero cited Raw Divas’ comments against SmackDown’s sexy, smart and powerful women as a major factor in her decision to order the match change.

As the bout got underway, it became abundantly clear that Maryse had no interest in being Gail Kim’s partner and refused to tag into the contest. This allowed Michelle McCool and Layla to pick up a victory for SmackDown in what essentially became more of a handicap encounter.

Adding insult to injury, after the match, Maryse then hit Gail Kim with the French Kiss, leaving her eventual Divas Championship opponent laid out in the middle of the ring. While tensions further erupted between Gail Kim and Maryse, the night ended with a still vacated Divas Championship.

United States Champion The Miz def. MVP

United States Champion The Miz appeared at Elimination Chamber as per usual to talk up himself, and more specifically his role as a WWE Pro on Tuesday’s premiere episode of WWE NXT. However, when “The Awesome One” was forced to defend his U.S. Title, he ended up adding further legitimacy to his frequent, self-aggrandizing claims by defeating his frequent rival, MVP.

While being interviewed by Josh Mathews about the debut of WWE NXT, The Miz took the opportunity to degrade his NXT Rookie, Daniel Bryan. Just as he did on his WWE Universe blog, the United States Champion criticized Bryan for his lack of personality, but before he could go on for too long, “The Awesome One” was interrupted by none other than MVP. By pinning Miz during a Unified Tag Team Championship Match on Raw, The Ballin’ Superstar earned another chance to win the U.S. Title. MVP then went on to inform a surprised Miz that he’d be cashing in that opportunity later in the night.

When it came time for the U.S. Title Match, both Superstars came to the ring with some heavy artillery. While The Miz was accompanied by fellow Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show, MVP was backed up by his frequent tag team partner, Mark Henry. Though both ring warriors have become increasingly familiar with one another's tactics due to their frequent skirmishes, The Ballin' Superstar benefited the most from the knowledge, as he spent much of the match in complete control.

Things started to unravel for MVP however, when Big Show became involved in the contest. Though Mark Henry attempted to prevent any foul-play, The World's Largest Athlete retaliated by sending The World's Strongest Man through a barricade. Then, with the referee distracted, Big Show landed a Knockout Punch on MVP, giving The Miz just the opening he needed to pin his rival and retain his U.S. Championship.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre def. Kane

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre will do whatever it takes to win — a fact he proved yet again at WWE Elimination Chamber, stealing a victory over Kane to escape with his coveted championship still in his possession.

Personally signed by Mr. McMahon, McIntyre has been supremely confident since arriving on SmackDown, but even a Superstar as cocky as he is had trepidations about stepping into the ring with The Big Red Monster. Since the two men first crossed paths in a Triple Threat Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match, Kane has had his sights set on McIntyre’s Intercontinental Championship. It seemed as though nothing the arrogant Scotsman did could stop the focused monster on his path of destruction.

Facing off with the former WWE Champion at Elimination Chamber, McIntyre knew he couldn’t match Kane in the strength department. Instead, the crafty Intercontinental Champion targeted the 7-footer’s center of gravity, repeatedly attacking the giant’s knees during the bout. When this strategy failed to stop the destructive Kane, McIntyre opted to cheat, hitting his opponent with a thumb to the eye to set up the Future Shock DDT for the pin.

With this victory, the Intercontinental Champion’s undefeated streak continues. But has McIntyre vanquished his diabolical opponent or only made him angrier? Find out this Friday night on SmackDown.

Chris Jericho wins Elimination Chamber Match (New World Heavyweight Champion)

In a shocking upset, Chris Jericho outlasted five elite SmackDown Superstars to become a six-time World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Elimination Chamber. But, his victory wasn’t simply a case of Jericho being “the best in the world at what he does.” Ultimately, his triumph came with some shocking “Heartbreak,” in the form of HBK.

Nonetheless, Jericho overcame tremendous odds to capture the World Championship inside Satan’s Structure, outlasting not only the legendary Undertaker, but also John Morrison, CM Punk, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio.

The career-threatening match proved to be a brutal battle from the moment CM Punk locked horns with R-Truth at the opening bell. The Second City Saint defeated the rapping Superstar with the GTS before Rey Mysterio could even enter the Chamber at No. 3. The Master of the 619 – who has a tremendous score to settle with Punk for the back-to-back assaults he has endured on SmackDown – returned the favor by pinning Punk with a splash before Jericho could enter at No. 4.

John Morrison entered at No. 5, initiating a fast-paced trifecta of pain that eventually ended with The Guru of Greatness pinning Mysterio with Starship Pain.

The Demon of Death Valley entered last, finishing off The Shaman of Sexy with a chokeslam onto the unforgiving steel.

The Undertaker then turned his attention back to Jericho. But just as he seemed ready to finish off his prey, Shawn Michaels suddenly emerged from under the Chamber and executed an earth-shattering Sweet Chin Music to cost the World Champion his title.

Although Shawn Michaels’ attack on The Phenom came as a surprise to the entire WWE Universe, it is no secret that HBK has been consumed with his attempts to face The Deadman in a WrestleMania rematch for months. Clearly, the frustration of coming up short in his quest time and time again - with devastating losses in the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match at Raw – has taken its toil.

Despite the circumstances surrounding Jericho’s triumph, the enormity of his feat can not be denied. By conquering the dreaded, steel terror that is the Elimination Chamber, the highly decorated Superstar did more than back-up his claim that he would capture the illustrious title two days earlier on SmackDown. His monumental triumph has earned him the right to headline WrestleMania, adding to his already amazing list of accolades.

John Cena wins Elimination Chamber Match; Batista defeats Cena (New WWE Champion)

Few men have felt the sting of that axiom quite like John Cena. The Superstar had struggled against five resolute rivals – Sheamus, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Kofi Kingston – in one of the most unforgiving structures ever devised to capture his sixth WWE Championship. An exhausted Cena basked in his accomplishment as the WWE Universe reigned their approval upon him. Glory was his.

That glory, however, proved fleeting indeed. Mr. McMahon and his de facto enforcer as of late, Batista, made their way to the ring. The Chairman informed the newly crowned champion that he must defend his title against The Animal – immediately. Cena appeared incredulous, but knowing Mr. McMahon, perhaps he should have expected just such a despicable twist. Despite a valiant effort, Cena seemed too battered, too spent to mount a worthy defense, and he was forced to relinquish the championship to a victorious Batista.

This final shocking turn capped off an entire match littered with surprises. The biggest shake-up may have been the further dismantling of The Legacy. If ringleader Orton had come to question the loyalty of DiBiase, he needn’t question it any further – it’s long gone. As DiBiase and The Viper battled inside the chamber, Rhodes came to the ring to sneak a lead pipe to his mentor. DiBiase, however, claimed the pipe and bashed Orton with it before pinning him.

In other action, the seemingly unstoppable Sheamus met his match against Triple H. It was The King of Kings who avenged an attack from The Celtic Warrior a week earlier and put an end to his tyrannical rule by eliminating Sheamus from the bout. The Game would eventually face Cena, who forced him to tap out to claim the title, brief as it was.

What will happen in the wake of such unexpected developments remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely that any of the six Superstars involved in the match will give up their quest for the most revered of treasures, the WWE Championship. After all, glory may be fleeting, but obscurity lasts forever.

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