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Saturday, 20 February 2010

hang cool teddy bear (2 months to go)

so if you remember a couple of weeks ago i posted a blog on the new meat loaf album untitled hang cool teddy bear
and i said that this could be a cover up for bat out of hell 4
however now the artwork has been comfirmed for hang cool teddy bear (see above)
so its more or less done and dusted??
if you look closely theres a skeleton lying on the ground
if going by the dagger in his hand id go as far to say that the skeleton belongs to the motor cyclist on the bat of hell album covers
the burned out bike backs my theory up even more
so could this mean that hang cool teddy bear is really bat out of hell 4?
or maybe it could symbolise the death of the bat out of hell franchise?
or am i reading to much into this?

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