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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


as covered before the big comic event of 2009/2010
blackest night
as im already covering the man series i thought id cover some the tie in that are out there
so todat the focus is on the 3 part superman story
and let me tell you i was gripped
i couldnt put it down
i read all 3 comics in one sitting
was fantastic


the opening scene in the superman of earth2 rising from the dead
the next couple of pages show the people of smallville going about their business
but there is a dark shadow above
then we see the sheriff and a cop having a heated discusion
the sheriff is sucked into a hole in the ground
the darkness decends over smallville
the next scene is the kent farm
where clark martha and conner and dog krypto are awaiting the arrival of lois lane
when they here a noise
clark and conner go and find out whats going on
clark becomes superman
they find themselves in the graveyard
overcome with fear they encounter the black lantern superman of earth 2
he offers to reunite them with their dead father
the three of them do battle
the next page shows martha and krypto
all of a sudden the wall explodes
throwing krypto across the room
standing their is a very dead black lantern lois lane
meanwhile clark and conner are still doing battle with superman of earth2 who knocks conner out and sends him plunging to his death
clark catches him in the knick of time
meanwhile in the of kandor on the planet new krypton supergirl returns due to her fathers death and is reunited with her mother
together the go and view his body
at that very moment he rises as a black lantern
back in smallville clark and conner land on ground looking for superman of earth2
the soon find him with lois lane
holding their mother hostage


issue two starts with happy scenes of smallville earlier that day
but now the streets of smallvile are in chaos
as conner and clark do battle with superman of earth2
whilst marth watches on whilst being restrained by lois
but then a new black lantern apears
roger hayden the psycho pirate
he starts controlling the emotions of the people of smallville
clark and conners battle with superman of earth2 continues
but conner manages to zap off lois lanes arm with his eyes
martha escapes into a nearby field
the battle rages on
the people of smallville are consumed by a mixture of emotion fear rage and many more
the psycho pirate finds a new victim to unload his emotions on
conner kent
he is filled with rage and then attacks clark
meanwhile on kandor the father of supergirl is on a rampage leaving bodies in his wake
then he comes face to face with supergirl
she tells him that her father his dead and that this creature is not her father
she punches half his head off
but it seems to make him stronger
he vows to kill the city
the closing pages show the black lantern lois lane searching for martha
but martha is ready to fight


the opening scene is krypto sensing a disturbance
meanwhile supoergirl battles her father
whilst the people of smallville wreak havoc
clark struggles to fight conner
but he knows its the psycho pirates doing
but then superman of earth2 attacks clark and conner plunges once more
next we see martha hiding from lois
but they are soon face to face
martha sets fire to her
but it has no effect
lois is ready to kill
but krypto comes to the rescue
he tears the black lantern ring from her fingers
lois plunges into oblivion
matha sends krypto to help conner and clark
the next page shows supergirls mother trying to gather weapons
she then goes to help her daughter
conner and superman of earth2 gang on clark
conner starts to do battle with his emotions
we next see supergirl being heped by her mother
then we see conner overcome his emotions and is now back on side with clark
psycho pirate is still wreaking havoc on the streets
but he is confronted by conner who takes his mask away from him
as clark still battles with superman of earth2
supergirl is a little worse for wear she is now in the arms of her mother as her father explodes into the sun
with psycho pirate deafeted clark and krypto try and fight off superman of earth2
but then connner arrives and uses the mask to fill him up with emotions
overpowered the superman of earth2 plunges to his death
the final pages shows conner and clark planning to fix up smallville and then on to join the rest of the dc universe in the big fight against the black lanterns

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