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Thursday, 18 February 2010

another one from the work shop

let me cast your mind back to the 8th of december of last year
i posted a blog about a workdshop i attended
i was shown a skill where i has five words/descriptions and had to write a couple of lines on each then expand them until i had a big piece of writing
i tried this again
but without a picture
this time i used a book
i opened at random pages
then pointed a pen at random words/ phrases
they were:
just imagine
dared to defy
friend she was abandoning
the constant fear of making a mistake
it was about to be solved

here is the finished article

by sean gould

jane could just imagine a new life for herself
she just needed to escape
to get away from everything
her dead end job
a town that held nothing for her
she had become disillusioned buy her hum drum life
nothing exciting ever seemed to happen
she just followed everyone else on the daily rat race
she just went with the flow
followed all the rules
so many rules that she never dared to defy
but maybe she had to break the rules to make her life a little more interesting
or maybe she just needed a change of scene
she had a collection of post cards from far away exotic places that she could only dream of visiting
but she decided now is the time
today was the start of a new chapter in her life
her bags were all packed
and in her hand was a train ticket
a ticket to nowhere in particular
but to her it was just the beginning of her journey to paradise
she had no bad feelings
no guilt
the only thing she felt guilty about was debbie a friend she was abandoning
debbie herself was also trapped in a souless
she has spent years trying to break away
luckily for her jane had an extra ticket
debbie was only too delighted to take it off her hands
they were both glad of each others company
the very thought of this adventure filled them both with excitment
this was a feeling they were not too familiar with
but they liked it
it felt so good
it felt so real
this was finally going to happen
the sudden feeling of nevrousness surrounded them
and the constant fear of making a mistake was somthing they needed to overcome if this journey was going to be a success
they just needed to walk into the future leaving the worries of the past behind
they were both mesmerised by the mysteries of the world
now was the time for them to find out what planet earth had instore
the taxi was now outside
as jane locked the door to her flat she couldnt help wondering if she would ever go back
she wasnt sure if she cared
she was just going to see what happens
as they both got in the taxi jane took a deep breath
bracing herself for the adventure that she and debbie were about to embark on
as the taxi drove away they said goodbye to their old town building by building
as they arrived in the station jane felt an extreme case of butterflies in her stomach
to her this was a strange feeling
but it was a good feeling
and there it was
their train to paradise
the train that will take them to their destiny
as they stepped on the train jane looked at debbie
the smile said more than a million words
she was the happiest she had ever been
this gave jane so much satisfaction
because maybe debbie needed this more than she did
but now they had the freedom they had both yearned for
they sat on the train looking at the people around them
all eager to escape their own hum drum lives
lots of faces on the train
faces of wonder
faces of excitement
faces of happiness
happiness because they all knew that they will wake up tomorrow in a new place
happy travellers
happy knowing the mysteries of the world are about to be solved
the train pulled out of the station

wriiten 16th december 2009

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