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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

blackest night issue 1-3

i meant to blog about this a long time ago
but i never got round to it
so now is a matter of playing catch up
so heres the deal
im a big comic book fan
my favorate being green lantern
so last summer i was gripped by the start of a new series of eight comic books entitled BLACKEST NIGHT
ive been gripped by this monthly for the last six months
and now with two issues left i wait in excitment about the forthcoming sequel BRIGHTEST DAY
as this will be covered in future blogs i thought it would be best to also cover BLACKEST NIGHT
as there is only two issues remaining i thought it would be nice to recap the story so far issue by issue starting with issue one(ok i know there was an issue zero which was given away free but i dont have that and its quite hard to come by but i am looking for it and will post it if i get hold of it)


the story starts with black hand risen from the dead
but theres voices in his head
someone telling him no one can escape death
then we get a look at the black lantern power battery
and the story goes on the green lantern corps and the loved ones they have lost
the following pages show a number of people at the gravesides of a number of fallen heroes such as aqua man
the next page shows bruce waynes faithfull butler alfred attend the grave of his masters parents
only to find that the grave has been dug up and the bodies are no longer there
then next page show the justice league hq where we find green lantern and the flash exploring the vaults where the remains of all the dead enemies are kept
green lantern updates flash (who has recently returned from the dead himself)on who has died in his absence
heroes like batman aquaman martian manhunter enlongated man and his wife
the next page shows hawkman on the phone to the atom
the next few pages concerntrate on events on the planet oa where the guardians look on in disgust as the watch all the various lanterntern corps do battle do battle with each other
the focus shines on the green lantern corps namely kyle raynor and guy gardner as they are bombarded by a swarm
its a swarm of black lantern rings
the next few pages show many of the dead rising wearing their black lantern rings
there is now a huge army of black lanterns
then it shows flash and green lantern confronted by the black lantern martian manhunter
the final pages of this issue focus on the brutal murder on hawkman and hawkgirl at the hands of the black lantern elongated man
the final scene shows their corpses rise as black lanterns


this issue is kind of uneventfull
it starts with the atom on the phone to hawkman
hawkman invites him around
the atom agrees unknowing that hawkman is now a black lantern
the next scene takes us to gotham city where comissioner gordon stands on the rooftop displaying the bat signal in vain
just to find green lantern thrown into the lamp smashing it
the next few pages find aquawoman and tempest and some mermen at aquamans grave side
to the black lantern aquaman with vengence in his eyes
then we see a few more rise from the dead
then a few pages later we catch up with aquaman as aquawoman tries to take him down
the mermen became sharkfood
then the follwing pages show pther names become black lanterns
one being spectre who announces he wants hal jordan
as flash fights martian manhunter green lantern explains what is going on to commissioner gordon
then we see aquamans battle continue
but tempest is killed and becomes the newest black lantern
then we catch up with flash and green lantern and we see martian manhunter disapear in a cascade of flames
but they havnt seen the last of him


this issue starts with a battle of flames
green lantern and flash are up against martian manhunter elongated man the original starfire hawkman and hawkgirl
but a battered and beaten atom turn up to even numbers
the next few pages show the current firestorm at the justice league hq watching with horror the events on the monitor
when he is aproached by aquawoman
meanwhile atom flash seem to be outnumbered
but then there is a flash of bright indigo
and a man and a woman appear
and use their powers to zap away the black lanterns
and then the teleport themselves flash green lantern and atom to the justice league hq
there they meet aquawoman and firestorm
the woman introduces herself as indigo-1 and she explains that they are from the indigo tribe
and that they are part of the spectrum of light
but they are soon seiged by martian manhunter and the rest of the blacklanterns
the original firestorm plays mindgames
leaving the current firestorm powerless
then the vault of dead enemies open and they rise
as black lanterns

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