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Monday, 8 February 2010

hang cool teddy bear?

im a huge fan of meatloaf (the singer)
and of course im excited about his new album
so a few days ago he released a video on the internet revealing the title of this new album
here it is

so what do you make of that?
hang cool teddy bear?
to be honest im not sure if i buy it
not a very rock n roll title
maybe he could be throwing us a dummy?
if you listened he said hang cool teddybear 4
could it be a big cover up for bat out of hell 4?
who knows?

over the last day or two ive been doing a bit of investigation
ahh good old google

this is what wikpedia tells us

Hang Cool, Teddy Bear is the upcoming eleventh studio album by Meat Loaf. It is scheduled to be released on 19 April 2010. It will be the first since Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose in 2006.

Since May 2009, Meat Loaf has been in the studio working on the album with American Idiot producer Rob Cavallo working with such writers as Justin Hawkins(who has written five ttracks for this album), Dianne Warren and Jon Bon Jovi. Currently this will be only the fourth album by Meat Loaf not involving Jim Steinman in its production. Guests on the album include Brian May, Steve Vai, Pearl Aday, Patti Russo, Hugh Laurie, amongst others. Though much has not been revealed Meat has given away some information through videos he has been posting on Twitter. The album has been officially completed as of December 11th 2009.

The first single from the album, "Los Angeloser", will be released on 2 April.

Meat Loaf has confirmed that the album will have 15 tracks, though no song titles have been officially announced nor any confirmed but a track name was let slip by Meat on his Twitter video. Also, fans have previously uncovered other titles confirmed by Meat. These tracks, of necessity, are not necessarily in sequential order.

"Love Is Not Real" (Justin Hawkins), featuring Brian May
"If I Can't Have You" (Kara DioGuardi)
"Los Angeloser" (James Michael)
"Like a Rose" (New Medicine's Jake Sherer)
"Living on the Outside" (Rick Brantley)
"Peace On Earth" (Rick Brantley)
"The Hallelujah Song" (features Hugh Laurie on piano)
"If It Rains" (Jaren Johnston & Neil Mason)
"Madness" (Rick Brantley)

All writers have been confirmed by Meat Loaf

Justin Hawkins
Diane Warren
James Michael
Rick Brantley
Greg Becker
Kevin Curtish
Jon Bon Jovi
Tom Hambridge
Sean McConnell
Jaren Johnston
Neil Mason
Kara DioGuardi

Meat Loaf - lead vocals
Kasim Sulton: Bass, Vocals
John Miceli: Drums
Mark Alexander: Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Crook: Guitars
Randy Flowers: Guitars, Vocals
"C.C." Coletti-Jablonski: Vocals

so thats all the info so far
but i did hear patti russo was doing female vocals
but shes not mentioned over
and yes that is hugh laurie from blackadder
so up to yet it confirmed as hang cool teddy bear
but is all this stuff on true?
all will be answered in the coming weeks
watch this space

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