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Saturday, 27 February 2010

ESSENTIAL DOCTOR WHO: an unearthly child

as a few of you know im a huge doctor who fan
so i thought it was only right to do a series focusing on classic doctor who storie
so i thought it was only fitting for the first story for me to cover would be the very first every story
an unearthly child
originally aired between 23rd november and 14th december 1963
starring william hartnell as the first doctor carol ann ford as susan william russell as ian and jaquiline hill as barbara

PART ONE an unearthly child

the first ever scene on doctor who a bobby on the beat outside foremans scrapyard
he goes inside
sees the tardis (complete with st johns ambulance sticker thats gonna be used in the forthcoming series)
next we see barbara and ian discussing the strange talents of susan foreman (cole hill school seen again in school reunion)
they are baffeled by her
and the fact that her home dosnt seem 2 exist
then we meet susan aged 15 (looks at least 30 may even be older as shes a timelord:) )
in my opinion shes an oddball:)
then we see barbara ans ian in a car watching out side the scrapyard hoping to solve the mystery of susan
then susan appears
then goes into the yard
they decided to follow her in
they enter the yard but susan in nowhere to be seen
the stumble across a police box
and feel a vibration
he states its alive (well dur)
they hear coughing
then we see the doctor for the first time
they ask him about susan
but gives them a complete cold front
ian wants to look in the tardis
but the doctor is quite nasty
they think hes got susan locked up in the police box
the doctor tells them susan
susan apears
barbara runs inside the tardis
they both end up inside
shocked by what they see
its bigger on the inside
explains that is a t.a.r.d.i.s
time and relative dimension in space (she said she made the name out of the initials herself but in time all timelords such as the matster and the rani call their tranport a tardis so how did she make it up?)
ian cant believe that it moves in time of space
then they find out that doctor and susan are aliens
the doctor refuses to let them go
barbera and ian think its all lies
susan say shes from the 49th centuary
barbara and ian try to escape
but its locked
ian points out that he saw the doctor press a button so he goes to the consol but gets a shock
the doctor doesnt let them go
he he fires up the tardis
ian tries to stop him
but they are already traveling
ian and barbara are unconcious
then we see the tardis out side in a deserted wasteland
there is a shadow watching them
the episode ends

PART TWO the cave of skulls

the episode opens where it left of
with the tardis being watched by a shadow
the shadow is revealed to be a cave man
the next scene shows a tribe of cavemen trying to make fire one called za is trying hard
no luck
but his mother seems ro be against it
he still tries
there is talk of the tribe not want za as leader anymore but but someone called cal instead
then we see the tardis again
inside we see barbara and ian coming round from their daze
and realise they are no longer in 1963
ian doesnt belive it
the doctor say they went back in time
ian is shocked that barbara believes them
the doctor opens the door
ian and barbara cant belive their eyes
they step outside the tardis
the doctor is highly disturbed the tardis hasnt changed and its still a police box (im guessing that could be a fault with the chameilion circuit ;) )
the doctor is potering about and the caveman watches him
susan explain the tardis normally changes it appearance
the doctor lights up his pipe and is then attacked by the cave man
barbara susan and ian hear the comotion (susans acting is terrible)
they go looking for him
the next scene shows the cave tribe once more
a man approaches za and says that cal say he knows that orb with show him how to make fire
za get angry and says its gonna be him who makes fire
cal arrives with the doctor on his shoulders
cal says hes saw the doctor make fire from his fingers
cal tells the tribe that za is a bad leader and he would make a better one
the doctor wakes up
cal says the doctor belongs to him
za threatens to kill cal
the doctor offers to make fire
but he cant find his matches
he asks to go back the tardis and he will make fire
za says that cal was lying about the doctor making fire
cal begs the doctor to make fire
the doctor says he cant
cal goes to kill the doctor
but ian susan and barbara arrive in time to stop him
but they grab ian and attempt to kill him
but the doctor shouts "IF HE DIES THERE WILL BE NO FIRE"
the old woma (zas mother) tells cal to kill barbara
but za stops him
za say that they will de when orb gives them fire
the doctor and his friends are taken to the cave of skulls
za tell the father of the woman he love that she is his
but her father says that she will go to the leade
then we see the old woman saying basically fire is nothing but trouble and they should of killed the four strangers
za says the will die when orb shines again
then we see the doctor and the gang in the cave of skulls
the doctor blames himselfs
ian spots a load of skulls that have been split open
the episode ends

PART THREE the forest of fear

we see zas mother take his knife
then we see the doctor and co trying to escape
ian points out that there is air coming from somewhere
but first he needs to get his hands free
zas woman wakes up to see his mother sneeking out
then we see the escape effort again
the doctor tells barbara to have hope and to try and remember the way they came from the tardis
then we see zas woman waking him up
they follow his mother
then we see his mother enter the cave of skulls
she tells them they will not make fire
then we see za and his woman saying that shes probly gone to kill the strangers
he needs to stop her and they will give him fire
they hear the old woman talking
shes tells the doctor that she will set them free if the come away never to return and never to make fire
the doctor assures her there will be no fire
za and his woman try to get in the cave
the old woman smuggles the doctors gang out
she tells za that she set them free so that they wont make fire
za strikes her down
the doctors gang run through the forrest
the doctor is flaggin
they stop a while
they hear a noise
but they carry on
barbara spots somthing in the bushes
the doctor and ian argue
za and his woman are on there trail
baraba spots a dead wilderbeast and screams
za hears her
another beat is heard
za is attacked
the gang run and help
they see to his wounds
the doctor is not happy
he has doubts that the old woman will bring the tribe
then we see the old woman regain slight conciousness
cal finds her
he accuesses za of setting them free
then we go back to the forest and see the gang they said they will make za well if they show them the way back to the tardis
the doctor is not very helpful
they make za a stretcher
cal tells the tribe that za is a traitor
then we see the gang in the forrest
the tribe find the old woman dead (mudered by cal)
but cal blames za
the believe him
cal pronounces himself as leader
then we see the gang find the tardis
to be greeted by cal

PART FOUR the firemaker

ian tells them to get back
the doctor and ian put za down
cal acuses them of setting the doctor and friends free
and killing the old woman
the doctor points out that zas knife has no blood on it
cals knife has blood on it
the doctor outs cal has the murderer
he staes that cal would be a bad leader
the tribe banish him
za becomes leader again
he states cal is the ememy
the doctor and the gang are imprisoned in the cave of skulls yet again
za and the woman talk about the strangers
za thinks they have the secret of fire if the dont tell him they would die
next we see ian tring to make fire
za enters the cave
the doctor tell him they are making fire
za askes to speak to leader
he says if they show him how to make fire he will set them free
ian say the fire maker is the lleast important man
then fire comes
zas womans father says to the tribe that he is no leader
the guard of the cave is killed by the returning cal
he enters the cave
za and cal do battle
za kills cal
the father of zas woman says there is no fire and za is liar
za come out of cave with fire
and says cal is dead
za is the leader
he goes to get meat
he tells the tribe to keep the doctor and the gang in the cave
they tell the woman that they gave them fire and now should be freed
the tribe all gather around the fire
za enters the cave
the doctor aske when can they leave za says they are to stay
and warns them not to try to leave
ian has a plan to fake their own deaths
zas woman finds skulls that the believe to be theirs
the gang make their escape
za and the tribe realise that they have been tricked
they persue them
the gang run for their lives
they make it to the tardis just intime
the doctor gets the tardis moving
the tribe see it disapear
barbara and ian asks the doctor to take them home
he says he cant
they land at their new destination
the radiation meter reads danger
the story ends

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