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Thursday, 11 February 2010

just like norman clegg

just like norman clegg
by sean gould

i cant help but think
about when i retire
i wont be the kind of person
to sit around the fire

id like to live in the country
and walk around in the fresh air
hang around with fellas of my own age
and get up to mischief without a care

we would talk about ferrets
even our ex wives
also all the silly things
we have done in our lives

we would spend our time
causing chaos in the cafe
then we would ride down a hill
in an old tin bath

we would get up to crazyness
almost everyday
even though were pensioners
we would be just like kids at play

so when i retire
i think life will be just fine
with friends out in the country
drinking the last of the summer wine

written 2nd february 2010

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